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rv-pro.com June 2018 • RV PRO • 43 various component companies has led it to have several research and development teams focused on various specialties in different locations. For instance, Elsner says a team of three engineers and three product managers at the Menomonee Falls headquarters is focused on wiring devices, including cord sets and adapters. "We have a site in New Hampshire that focuses on power conversion products such as chargers, inverters and inverter-char- gers," he says. "We have another site in Amsterdam that also focuses on similar power electronics. In Auckland, we have a team that focuses on the digital switching and multiplexing; they design from a mechanical perspective, an electrical perspective and then software, because we have to write a lot of software for the product management systems. We also have a team in Bellingham, Wash., that works on DC distribution products like battery switches and similar products." Not only are the company's various teams working together across industries and markets to give end-users a whole solution, but it may incorporate tech- nology that isn't necessarily available in the United States or isn't widely known in this country. "It's not like we build a multiplexing system and then walk away," Elsner says. "All our products, whether it's power con- version, DC distribution or whatever, we're building an entire solution – not just one product category or one product family." It's a way of doing business and a growth strategy that both men expect to see continuing with Power Products into the future. Bischoff says when new com- panies are acquired, Marinco has done a good job of getting them to cross channels. "We've acquired companies that are solely marine-based and brought them to the RV industry in a larger way than they were before," Elsner says. "A good example is Pro Mariner. We not only launched a new line of inverters targeted toward the RV market, but we're leveraging their expertise in the marine industry and bringing that knowhow into the RV space. "We want to be a single-source supply solution that very attractive to the market," Bischoff adds. While both men express some concern about the rising cost of materials and com- ponents, they believe ParkPower, Marinco and its parent company will continue to grow at a healthy rate. "We'll continue to look for innovation and new product growth while trying to understand the needs of the market and meet them with new solutions," Elsner says. "That's been paying off for us in the last few years when you look at how much more visible our products are and how many more people use them. "Our major focus has been and will continue to be electrical." Power Product's headquarters in Menomonee Falls also includes significant warehouse space for the company's many products. In addition to the RV and marine markets, the business also serves the industrial power, electrical construction and maintenance, and transportation aftermarket industries.

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