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rv-pro.com June 2018 • RV PRO • 61 erator's cooling unit is caused by leaks in the steel tubing because of rust-through or a broken weld, according to Miller. "We strip them down, sandblast them, and the pipes that are leaking we cut out and replace with new tubing," he says. Miller says cost is the primary reason why consumers and dealers consider pur- chasing a remanufactured cooling unit versus buying a brand-new refrigerator. Generally speaking, it costs about half as much as buying a new refrigerator, according to Miller. Smaller RV refrigerators cost about $1,500 a piece, and the 12- or 14-cubic- foot models can run $4,000, according to Miller. If a dealer replaces the cooling unit in a customer's RV, the parts and labor add up to $700 to $900 for smaller refrigerators and $1,800 to $2,200 for large ones, he adds. Additionally, replacing a cooling unit can be a much easier process than replacing a large refrigerator, which can require removing an RV's windshield or slide-out if it won't fit through the vehicle's door, according to Miller. Sometimes, though, it does make sense to replace the whole refrigerator if it's aging ungracefully or has multiple problems, he adds. Pines RV Refrigeration ships units all across the country. "Most of our business is smaller mom-and-pop RV dealers," Miller says. "It seems the bigger dealers, the bigger service centers, they buy most of their stuff through distributors. "As we stay in business, we get more name recognition," he says. "We're growing, and we're happy. It seems at least once a week there's a new dealer that sets up an account and is buying cooling units." Just in the past year, Pines RV Refrig- eration started supplying new Dutch Aire units to Meyer Distributing, which is the first time Miller has worked with a traditional distributor. Lambright performs a weld on a boiler, a central component of a remanufactured cooling unit. All of Pines' products are individually welded for quality.

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