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rv-pro.com June 2018 • RV PRO • 65 All of Miller's employees are Amish, and some of them follow the work sched- ules established at the RV factories, where many Amish men work. "One of my guys, he starts at 4:30 in the morning; others start at 5:30 and work till 2," he said. "I'm usually out here from 4:30 to 4:30, to try to cover everybody. I feel obligated to do that." What might appear to outsiders as an anomaly – Amish workers building and repairing vehicles that they can't drive themselves – is a commonplace in the region. By some estimates, more than half of the men from two Amish communities in northern Indiana work in the factories, bringing home salaries to make up for the increasing difficulty of earning a living at farming. And while the Amish culture eschews modern conveniences such as electric lights and motor vehicles, some Amish families own RVs, Miller says. "Some Amish do. They'll hire some- body to pull it to an RV park, and when the week is over, they'll hire them to pull it back home again," he says. Miller's family uses propane for lighting at home and travels locally in a horse and buggy. In the shop, he uses a generator for electricity. He uses a telephone and email sparingly at work, and his company has a website. Acknowledging that different Amish communities accept varying levels of modern conveniences, he says many of the Amish in his area operate businesses that interact with the wider world. "To actually have a successful business, we've got to communicate – with email, cellphone, fax, whatever," he says. "Other areas are more farm-based, and they don't have a need for that." Miller says that, as a Christian, he strives to do the best he can with his business. "I feel we're not cutting corners, and we've got the best product on the market," he says. "They're all individually welded; it's not like a high-production operation. We test-run all our cooling units." Because it's a small shop, Miller says he can control the quality of his products. "We try to do quality work and don't take any shortcuts. That's the No. 1 thing – quality." MORE INFO: 260-768-7990 www.pinesrv.com 6-YEAR WARRANTY Now Available: Next-Day Delivery through Meyer Distributing REPLACEMENT COOLING UNITS

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