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rv-pro.com June 2018 • RV PRO • 87 detail team. They even have a uniform shirt showing the role they have. It's big deal when they get to change shirts. It's a promotion and everyone understands that. The path is clear. It's fairly easy to get on the path. If you can show up to work and work while you are there, you have a chance to compete for the next position with its training and benefits. If not, the folks you work with will "weed you out." Family Time Isn't Just for Fun And what about fostering relationships between employees? I've already talked about the mentor concept. That's one idea. As another, I know of a very large deal- ership that closes the doors and opens the showroom for family potluck dinners once a quarter. It's important to involve family. If my family knows your family, it's harder to leave the company. It's more than just a wonderful idea to think our business as a family. It's even better to live it. And it can be huge in the realm of employee satisfaction and retention. I once worked for a dealership that reg- ularly scheduled outings for the employees to go on. One of my favorites was to go to Bush Gardens. The dealership worked out group rates. We all piled on a bus and had a blast. I'm sure it gave an opportunity for some who would not have afforded to go to take the family and enjoy a great time. One word of caution: Keep clear under- standing that "adult" activities are not for "family" outings. Hard partying is for a different time. A Clearly Defined Processes If you don't have a checklist for onboarding – get one started. You will be amazed at all the little steps you may have left to chance. It's more than just filling out the proper tax forms. Although those should certainly be on the checklist. It's also about making sure introduc- tions are made. There should be steps to check back after a week to see how the new hire is doing. The same goes for a couple weeks later and 30 days. You may add a check-in with the supervisor to see how they are fitting in. A clear training plan is another neglected but worthy process that can be check-listed. And make sure the new hire gets a copy when they join the company. Have items on the checklist that they can do themselves. If you check back after the first week and the employee haven't done any of those items, it tells you something about them and gives you a chance to encourage them. If the employee has already done everything he or she could do and done, it tells you the employee is a self-starter. You may want to give them additional challenges. Onboarding and integration are simple and very important to your business. Don't leave them to chance. Actively work to be sure that a new employee gets off on the right foot. Elite ®

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