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Built For BaJa SCORE Journal’s 2018 Off-Road Wheel Buyer’s Guide By Mike Vieria The one component that immediately identifies a vehicle as “off-road” is its wheels. SCORE fans and racers know that not just any set of wheels are good enough to handle Baja, and there’s no sense in using a wheel that “looks” tough, if it isn’t strong enough to handle the rigors of off-road use. On a racing vehicle, using the right wheel is even more critical. There’s been more than one instance when a broken wheel has made the difference between winning and losing a race. Although there is an abundance of wheel manufacturers that make great-looking and performing wheels, we wanted to focus on what SCORE racers and fans want on their vehicles. We’ve compiled some of the best off-road wheels on the market for both trucks and UTVs in both racing and serious off-road/street performance categories. RACELINE WHEELS Raceline’s RT-180 Liberator is available in both Beadlock and Non-Breadlock designs. This forged wheel comes with a brushed finish or optional polished finish. Sizes range from 17x8 to 20x10, with pricing starting at $685. The RT-232 Monster Beadlock is an almost indestructible heavy-duty cast wheel, and offers either a steel or aluminum locking ring. Available in 15x8, 17x8.5, and 17x9.5, with black, machined, or color finish options. MSRP starts at $380. The RT260 Avenger Beadlock is heavy-duty cast aluminum, and comes in 17x7.5 size. Finish is all black or machined. Priced at $450. The RT291 Ryno (Buggy) Beadlock is a heavy-duty cast aluminum for the 5/205 early VW bolt pattern. Sizes are 15x4.5, 15x7, and 17x6.5. Finished in gray, black, or machined. Pricing starts at $279.99. INNOV8 WHEELS Innov8’s racing inspired 17x9 Beadlock Wheels are constructed of high strength, lightweight forged aluminum and use proprietary beadlock and profile technology. Available in many 5, 6, and 8 lug configurations in multiple backspace/offset options for nearly all ½ ton and larger trucks, and most mid-size SUVs. A wide variety of anodized finish colors and ring and cap options are available. Pricing range $619.00 to $963.00 Innov8’s 17x8.5 Non-Beadlock Smooth Lip Wheels are the “streetable” version of their Beadlock Wheels. Made of forged aluminum and designed for most popular 5, 6, and 8 lug applications with numerous backspace/offset options to fit most ½ ton and up trucks and most mid-size SUVs. A variety of color options are available, with pricing ranging from $619.00 to $798.00. Innov8’s 17x18.5 Simulated Beadlock Wheels are visually identical to their racing Beadlock Wheels, but without the extra maintenance. The forged aluminum wheels have a non-functioning locking ring attached to simulate the bead lock appearance, and are available in the same wide variety of sizes and colors. Pricing ranges from $819.00 to $998.00. METHOD RACE WHEELS The 101 Beadlock is cast aluminum with a forged 6061 aluminum ring with-plated Grade * hardware. It’s offered in 15x8, 16x8, and 17x9 with multiple 5 and 6 lug patterns, as well as blanks that can be drilled for 8 lug. Sold with a raw machined finish. Priced from $309.50. The 105 Beadlock is a durable, lightweight beadlock for the hardcore enthusiast and racer. It’s cast aluminum with a forged 6061 lock ring with Grade 8 zinc-plated hardware. It has a screw-on center cap and is available in 17x8.5 and 17x9 with 5, 6, 8 and blank lug counts. For specific Jeep JK and ’04-up F150 and Raptor applications, the center bore is machined for hub-centric fitment. Finishes include matte black with machined face or all matte black. Priced from $299.50. The 106 Beadlock is new for 2018, and the cast aluminum wheel features a lock ring that’s 53% thicker to increase strength and reduce deflection, and a 17% wider bead set to accommodate larger tires. Recessed hardware eliminates sheared bolts from contact or objects on the trail. Available in 17x9, with 5, 6, or blank lugs. Bronze with matte black e-coated ring, or matte black with matte black e-coated ring. Priced at $395.00 Mickey THOMPSON/CEPEK WHEELS / The Mickey Thompson SideBiter Lock is styled after the revolutionary “tread-on-the-sidewall” SideBiter Tire. The cast aluminum, CNC machined wheel features a satin black powder coated finish with machined accents, and a non-corrosive black plastic center cap. It carries a lifetime warranty against structural defects, and is available in sizes 15x8 through 20x12, with pricing from $137 to $292. The Mickey Thompson Classic Baja Lock Wheel features an 8-hole design with a simulated beadlock ring and is finished in matte black with a clearcoat. The cast aluminum wheel is available in sizes 15x8 through 17x9, and carries a lifetime warranty against structural defects. Pricing ranges from $131 to $185. The DC Torque Wheel from Dick Cepek has been engineered for late model trucks and SUVs that require higher offsets and maximum brake caliper clearances. The cast aluminum, TPMS-friendly wheel is available in a variety of 16, 17, 18, and 20-inch sizes, and carries a lifetime warranty against structural defects. Finish is Black powder coat with a clearcoat for durability and easy care. Priced from $150 to $220. VISION Wheel Vision Wheel’s 388 Shadow is a simulated Beadlock wheel in sizes 20x9 through 22x12, and is available in satin black or gloss black and machined finish. The 398 Manx is available as a Beadlock or simulated Beadlock, and in sizes 15x8 through 18x9. Beadlock models are forged with machined lock rings. Finishes are satin black or gloss black and machined finish, or all machined. The 416 Se7en is a simulated Beadlock wheel in sizes 17x9, 18x9, and 20x9. It’s available in satin black, satin gray, and gloss black with machined spoke finish. The 417 Creep is a simulated Beadlock wheel with a customizable, detachable bead ring. It’s offered in satin black, satin bronze, and gloss black with a machined finish. Available sizes are 17x9, 18x9, 20x9, and 20x10. ULTRA WHEEL The Ultra Motorsports Xtreme X103 True Beadlock Race Wheel is cast aluminum with a machined or satin black finish. Also available in customized colors. Sizes range from 15x8 to 17x9, with 5 through 8 lug patterns. The Xtreme X103 True Beadlock Wide Five Race Wheel is designed for wide five-bolt patterns in 5x205 size in 15 through 17 inch sizes. Cast aluminum in machined, satin black, or custom colors. The Xtreme X107 is a simulated Beadlock wheel in cast aluminum. It’s available in satin black or satin graphite, both with a satin black lip designed to look like a locking ring. Sizes are 17x8.5, 18x9, and 20x9, with 5, 6, or 8 lugs. Priced at $250. The Warlock by Ultra Motorsports is a simulated Beadlock design in cast aluminum which comes either dark satin bronze with a black lip, or gloss black with milled accents. Available in 17, 18, and 20 inch sizes, in 5, 6, and 8 lug patterns. Priced at $250 for 20x10. RACELINE WHEELS-UTV Raceline’s A71B Mamba Beadlock is available in sizes 14x7, 14x8, 14x10, and 15x7 with applications to fit all current model ATV/UTV vehicles. Black finish with MSRP starting at $169.95. The A71MB Mamba Beadlock is a machined and black racing wheel in sizes 14x6 and 15x6 with a high positive offset to keep the UTV as narrow as possible. MSRP starting at $169.95. The A91 Ryno Beadlock is available in sizes 14x7, 15x7, and 15x10 with applications to fit all current model ATV/UTV vehicles. In gunmetal or black finish, with pricing starting at $185.95 The Ripper-RT333 Double Beadlock Wheel is available in 15x7 size with bolt pattern for all current UTVs, and is also available 5/205 pattern for early VW. Rim shell is reversible to allow dual backspacing of 2.375 and 5.375. MSRP starting at $469. METHOD RACE WHEELS-UTV The 401-R UTV Beadlock is a race-specific evolution of the original cast aluminum Method 401 Wheel. The width and offset are designed to provide optimal handling and feedback. A V.2 forged 6061 ring offers greater strength, less deflection, and easier installation. It includes Grade 8 zinc-plated hardware, and comes in a raw machined finish. Available in 15x5 with either 2.5+2.5/0mm or 5=0/46mm offset. Priced at $249.50. The 401 UTV Beadlock is Method’s original UTV race wheel and features cast aluminum construction, a V.1 forged 6061 lock ring, and grade 8 Zinc-plated hardware. Sizes to fit most UTVs ranging from 12x7 to 15x7. Finishes include machined with clear coat, titanium with matte black E-coated ring, and matte black with black E-coated ring. Priced from $183.50. The 405 UTV Beadlock features cast aluminum construction with a V.1 forged 6061 aluminum beadlock ring and Grade 8 zinc-plated hardware. Available in 14x7 and 15x7 sizes with various offset based on application and modifications, with bolt patterns to fit most UTVs. Finished in bronze with matte black E-coated ring, or matte black with black ring. Priced from $224.50. The 406 UTV Beadlock is cast aluminum with a V.1 forged aluminum lock ring and Grade 8 zinc-plated hardware. It features a tapered inner barrel to deter mud, rocks, and debris from building up and causing damage to brake calipers and other vital components. Sizes range from 12x8 to 15x10, and are optimized for staggered sand setups for optimal flotation. Finished in bronze with matte black ring, or matte black with black ring. Priced from $215.50. OMF WHEELS-UTV NXG1 Beadlock Wheels by OMF use a spun aluminum barrel for light weight and increased durability, and uses a heavy-duty reinforcement ring on the back side of the wheel, in addition to the beadlock on the front side. Both rings are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum plate, as is the wheel center, for impact resistance and side load strength. Sizes range from 14x6 to 15x12 to fit most popular UTVs, and the finish is black powder coat with a natural aluminum beadlock ring and black hardware. Pricing is $379.95 to $429.95. The NXG2 Beadlock Wheel features a natural aluminum beadlock ring and wheel center, black powder coated barrel, and black zinc-coated hardware. They’re offered in 14x6 to 15x12 sizing with pricing from $449.95 to $499.95. OMF’s Billet Center Wheels offer nearly endless color and style options, along with the strength for tough use with their beadlock design and inner reinforcing ring. Manufactured from both spun and plate aluminum, the Billet Center Wheels offer both light weight and strength. In 14, 15, and 17-inch sizes, and priced from $699.95 to $849.95. OMF’s solution to preventing trapped water and dirt behind your beadlock rings is the Super Lite Drain beadlock conversion. Available in standard 3/8-inch thickness, or upgraded ½-inch thickness, and made from 6061-T6 heat-treated aluminum, the conversion rings come in 15 through 20-inch sizes. Pricing ranges from $144.95 to $294.95. OMF WHEELS-UTV OMF offers Rock Lite and Rock Lite XP Beadlock conversion rings to provide extra strength for rock crawling or rock racing. Manufactured from 33% thicker material than other rings, the Rock Lites have completely recessed bolt heads for protection from rocks and are able to accommodate the thicker beads of Kevlar and Heavy Duty tires. Available for 15 through 20-inch wheels. STI TIRE AND WHEEL-UTV STI’s HD9 Comp Lock Beadlock UTV Wheel is the newest and strongest in STI’s alloy line. It uses a 10mm thick beadlock ring secured by 5/16 Grade 8 hardware. The HD9 features large lug holes allow for up to 17mm hex lugs, and a pre-installed valve stem. Sizes are 14x7, 14x8, 14x10, and 15x8, and available finishes are matte black and matte black/machined. Several optional colors are available for the beadlock rings. Prices range from $155 to $167. Limited Edition HD9 Comp Lock Beadlock Wheels are available chrome and milled/matte black finishes, and with optional chrome, black, red, or blue milled beadlock rings. The Limited wheels come in 14x7 and 15x7 sizes and are priced from $227 to $271. SYSTEM 3 OFF ROAD-UTV The SYSTEM OFF ROAD SB-3 Beadlock cast UTV Wheel is designed for pushing terrain. It uses stainless steel lug inserts, an industry first for a UTV wheel, 5/16 inch Grade 8 bolts, and a 10mm billet locking ring. It also has a bolt-in center cap. The SB-3 is available in 14x7, 14x10, and 15x7 sizes, and in matte black or machined finishes. Prices range from $166 to $182. The ST-3 Simulated Beadlock Wheel features a heavy-duty inner and outer wheel lip and cadmium-plated bolts, along with a bolt-in center cap. Large lug holes accommodate most hex head lug nuts. Available in 14x7 and 18x7 sizes, and in bronze, machines, or matte black finishes. Pricing ranges from $116 to $173. VISION Wheel-UTV Vision’s 550 Five-Fifty is a simulated Beadlock UTV wheel in a satin black finish. Available in sizes 12x7 through 14x8 in 4-lug patterns. The 551 Five-Fifty One is a simulated Beadlock wheel with a Lip Armor ring adding color and protection to the wheel. Available in satin black with red lip armor, or with option ring colors of blue, green, or yellow. In sizes from 12x7 through 14x10 in 4-lug patterns. VISION Wheel -UTV The GV Invader is a simulated Beadlock offered in a gunmetal machined finish. It’s available in sizes 14x7 and 15x6. The GV Invader Beadlock is available with a gunmetal machined finish with a gunmetal Beadlock ring. The off-road only wheel is offered in a 15x6 size. ULTRA WHEEL-UTV The Ultra Motorsports Xtreme X117 True Beadlock UTV Wheel is cast aluminum and comes in a clearcoated satin black finish, or in customized colors. Available in 15x7 or 15x10 sizes, in a variety of four-bolt lug patterns. Priced at $236. The Xtreme X103 True Beadlock UTV Wheel is made from cast aluminum. It’s available in a machined finish or satin black, or in customized colors. Sizes are 14x6 or 14x7, with three available 4-bolt lug patterns. The Xtreme X107 Street UTV Wheel is a Non-Beadlock wheel designed for rugged use. Constructed of cast aluminum, it comes with a satin black finish or in customized colors. Sizes available are 15x7 and 15x10, with a variety of 4-bolt lug patterns. Priced at $132. TRAILREADY WHEELS-UTV The TrailReady HDB15 UTV Beadlock alloy wheel comes in a standard recreational version or an optional heavy-duty racing version. The 15x6 wheel is available in a variety of 4-bolt patterns in a machine or black satin finish, or optional polished center or graphite color. Lock ring color choices are machine, black, red, blue, or graphite. Prices start at $249. WELD RACING WHEELS-UTV Weld Racing’s Zero is a purpose built desert Beadlock UTV racing wheel. The one-piece wheel is flow-formed and has a forged 6061-T6 Beadlock ring. Recessed bolt holes in the locking ring offer protection from shearing on rocks, and built-in rock guards help protect brakes. Available in 15x6 size with a matte black finish. The Raptor is a one-piece, flow formed Beadlock wheel. Recessed bolt holes help protect against rock shearing. Available in 14 and 15-inch sizes with multiple bolt patterns, and in matte black, with either a black or machined finish Beadlock ring. Pricing starts at $289. INNOV8 WHEELS RACELINE WHEELS METHOD RACE WHEELS Mickey THOMPSON/CEPEK WHEELS OMF WHEELS STI TIRE AND WHEEL SYSTEM 3 OFF ROAD ULTRA WHEEL VISION Wheel TRAILREADY WHEELS TrailReady’s new and improved HD series wheels are available in Beadlock or simulated Beadlock versions. This race-winning alloy wheel comes in a 15, 17, and 20-inch sizes with a variety of bolt patterns and offsets. Standard finish is satin polish, with powdercoat black or graphite optional. Beadlock rings are available in a choice of sizes and colors. Prices start at $389 WELD RACING WHEELS Weld’s B56 is a purpose built racing/performance wheel designed to be as strong and light as possible. The one-piece forged wheel is made from 6061-T6 aluminum. The Beadlock ring is also 6061-T6, and is specially designed to save weight and improve strength. Recessed bolt holes help protect the lock ring bolts from rock shearing. Available in 17x9 size with multiple bolt patterns. Finish is gloss black and machined, or raw/machined finish with clearcoat. Priced at $749. The B57 is built for off-road and rock crawling duties. The one-piece wheel is constructed of forged 6061-T6, as is the Beadlock ring with its recessed bolt holes. Available in 17x9 size with multiple bolt patterns. The B57 is gloss black with contrasting machined details. Priced at $749. The B58 offers similar features and sizes to the B57 with a different look. It’s also a one-piece wheel constructed of forged 6061-T6 aluminum, including the Beadlock ring with its recessed bolt holes. Available in 17x9 size with multiple bolt patterns. Priced at $749.

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