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© 2018 Sage Intacct, Inc. All rights reserved. 877-437-7765 Challenges Bringing Cloud Financials to the Green Building Movement The International Living Future Institute (ILFI) is a nonprofit that certifies buildings, products, and communities to help organizations communicate their commitment to a healthier world. Its mission is to inspire, lead, and support the transformation toward socially just, culturally rich, and ecologically restorative communities. To advance this mission, ILFI offers not only certifications, but a full range of green building programs and services—including consulting, conferences, and book and magazine publishing. "As ILFI expanded, we wanted to automate our financial processes and gain real-time visibility across the organization, rather than requiring managers to wait for me to send them reports," shared Tom Bland, ILFI's CFO. "We considered Blackbaud Financial Edge, but it didn't have the cloud-based features we needed to support our complex operations across several locations and very diverse lines of business. Sage Intacct, on the other hand, is well-suited to our require- ments." Solutions Program Visibility Improves Operational Decisions Working with Sage Intacct partner, Revolution Accounting, the institute replaced its outdated Abila MIP accounting so ware with Sage Intacct's cloud-based financial management solution. Revolution helped ILFI's finance team leverage the system's dimensions capabilities in order to capture useful business context around each financial transaction, such as the relevant program, grant, location, department, employee, customer, or vendor. As a result, they finally have accurate program and grant visibility, and can slice and dice the organization's financial data for deeper reporting and analysis, drilling down to individual invoices as needed. Revolution used Sage Intacct to build custom dashboards for ILFI's CEO, CFO, controller, program managers, and even the board of directors. These include high-level key performance indicators for the entire organi- zation, as well as detailed financial and operational metrics that are specific to each stakeholder, such as year-to-date earned income, staff utilization, equipment expenses, professional fees, conference occupancy rates, or actuals-to-budget comparisons for their department, program, or grant. Company Overview The International Living Future Institute (ILFI) is a hub for visionary programs, offering global strategies for lasting sustainability. The nonprofit partners with local communities to create grounded and relevant solutions, including green building and infrastructure solutions on scales ranging from single room renovations to neighborhoods or whole cities. Executive Summary Previous So ware: • Abila MIP Results with Sage Intacct: • Detailed visibility into nonprof- it programs • Ability to scale complex operations • Efficient project reporting • So ware paid for itself in <8 months Bringing Cloud Financials to the Green Building Movement International Living Future Institute C A S E S T U D Y

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