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© 2018 Sage Intacct, Inc. All rights reserved. 877-437-7765 Adopting Scalable Financial Management for Ongoing Growth Berkshire Associates C A S E S T U D Y Company Overview Berkshire Associates is a human resource consulting and technology firm, specializing in helping companies build the ideal, balanced workforce. As an industry leader, Berkshire provides the latest tools and services for affirmative action, applicant management, compensation management, workforce planning, diversity, and professional training. For over 30 years, Berkshire has serviced the nation's most recognizable companies; and as a result, has mastered providing clients with cost-effective solutions to everyday human resource challenges. Executive Summary Previous So ware: • QuickBooks Results with Sage Intacct: • Scaled easily with 63% revenue growth • Measurably improved project profitability • Reduced invoice cycle by 50% • So ware paid for itself in <5 months Challenges Adopting Scalable Financial Management for Ongoing Growth Berkshire Associates Inc. is a leading human resource consulting and technology firm that has provided affirmative action plan (AAP) services for 35 years. Berkshire continues to revolutionize the way AAPs are prepared, offering both regulatory compliant so ware and expert consulting to over 1,700 clients. As the company grew in recent years, its finance team recognized that their QuickBooks back office so ware was no longer sufficient for their expanding needs. Berkshire's internal IT team had previously developed several homegrown solutions for processes surrounding timesheets, expense reports, purchasing, and project management. However, none of these systems talked to each other, so finance had to do a lot of duplicative data entry, which just wasn't efficient. When the sales team started looking for a new CRM system, the firm's business manager, Lisa Roeder, realized it was a perfect time to adopt a robust financial management solution as well. She noted, "We wanted an end-to-end, cloud-based system that could bring all of our financial workflows – from time and expense tracking, to purchase orders, project accounting, and self- service managerial reporting – together into one easily accessible place. We looked at Microso Dynamics GP, but chose Sage Intacct because it had everything we needed, including seamless Salesforce CRM integration to minimize manual data entry." Solutions Automated Project Billing Improves Cash Flow Since Berkshire's services model spans fixed fee projects, hourly consulting, and so ware subscriptions, the firm's monthly and quarterly billing processes are rather complicated. Thankfully, Sage Intacct's powerful project accounting so ware helps the team painlessly manage this complexity, and even reduced their invoice cycle by 50%. Now invoicing takes a single day as opposed to a full week of effort, ultimately improving cash flow. The company integrated time tracking so ware from Nexonia with Sage Intacct, which brings all of Berkshire's time, expense, and project-based accounting data into one place and automates tasks like tracking project hours, managing resources, and recognizing revenue. "Since we no longer have to manually calculate project profitability, we're saving our account teams a significant amount of administrative work," shared Roeder.

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