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FILM Issue 49 / 2013 Oz The Great & Powerful 15 7 Coming SooN This bewitching prequel to the iconic 1939 adaptation of L. Frank Baum���s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz earns points from the off through the presence of James Franco as Oscar ���Oz��� Diggs, a small-time magician with a surprisingly nasty streak. Franco���s dazzling smile and inherent charm make an early scene of Oz ignoring the pleas of a young, wheelchair-bound girl go down a lot easier, although it���s still clear his character will take some warming-up to. Selfish, arrogant and with grandbut-vague aspirations beyond his life as a carnival act, it all makes for an awkward introduction to a frequently wonderful film. The dispiriting nature of Oz���s quotidian is emphasised through director Sam Raimi���s blackand-white framing, a technique that also serves in highlighting the lush, colourful realisation of the Land of Oz. Raimi expertly deploys 3D in his recreation, bringing shimmering foliage and, yes, flying monkeys to glorious life. Once there, we soon encounter sisters Evanora (a suitably regal Rachel Weisz) and Theodora (Mila Kunis), two witches who take Oz to be the wizard prophesised to save the land from an evil witch. By nature, the ���prequel��� is always an awkward proposition. Audiences shouldn���t be surprised by the films ultimate conclusion thanks to the enduring popularity of its narrative successor, but there is plenty to enjoy in between. The trio of females assisting Oz on his journey (completed by Michelle Williams as Glinda the Good) are a joy to watch and are perfectly cast ��� particularly Kunis, whose husky tones and smouldering eyes (not to mention her corrosive tears ��� you���ll know when you see it) aid her in scaling the impressive arc her Theodora faces. And while there���s little time for humour ��� Braff���s reincarnation as Oz���s faithful flying monkey being one of the films few sources of laughter ��� Oz���s eventual transformation from lowlife to hero and ruler ensures a feel-good denouement. April 5th Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens lead their girly quartet into a world of drunken and drug-addled debauchery, with the help of James Franco���s arms dealer. This is probably their way of telling us they���re growing up. April 19th This glossy update of Sam Raimi���s horror classic boasts Raimi and original star Bruce Campbell on production duties. Affectionate reimagining or pointless rehash? you decide! April 26th A post-Avengers Tony Stark is back for another round, this time squaring up against The Mandarin (played by Ben Kingsley).

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