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HOUSE / TECHNO 27 7 Issue 49 / 2013 IEW RV TE IN MISS KITTIN This lady needs no introduction, about to release her new double album ���Calling From The Stars��� next month we caught up on her live show, her passion for fashion and taking on new challenges. Joe Le Groove | Okay so you���re here in London at the moment, and you���ve got an album coming out in April, ���Calling From The Stars��� how���s the process been going? Very good, I never thought I���d manage to write a double album, and it���s good to have that these days. Your first solo album ���I Com��� was released in 2004, In 2008, your second came in the form of Batbox. What���s this album about? It���s always about the same thing. Meaning the album is always a reflection of who you are when you write it. At the time of my previous album, I was struggling to become the person I am now, all the experiences I lived as a musician travelling around the world and all those things I learned that made me a better person and this album talks about that. Life, travelling, reflecting, enjoying the moment, possibly being more spiritual about everything. Can you tell me any more about it being a double album? Well I started to write the first part at home like here and there, small sketches that I was supposed to bring to Pascale Gabrielle, the producer who I worked on Batbox with. When I came up with the ideas he was like, its finished, its finished work, you don���t have to do anything, keep it this way. On the side when I was on vacation or when I felt like it I was working on some ambient electronica because it���s a big part of my life, I grew up with the early Warp stuff, the Artificial Intelligence more minimal. We were talking earlier about your album coming out, and your live show. Can you tell us any more about that? I realised I am about to do what people were expecting me to do ten years ago. When ���Frank Sinatra��� came out, everybody thought, okay she is the underground sensation with the pop potential and Jeff Mills told me you have to do it, you have break through you���re the only one around us who can do it. I am a DJ, I shaved to hear all the songs. So I was like okay I have to go through all of my history, and look back, but I did it for the first time and I was all proud, then the hardest part was to make the selection of the tracks and put them in a sort of order which will make sense. Which will flow. Yes, I am scared to death but I���m so excited but I like challenges and I like to move forward and this is definitely the turning point of my career, where DJ���ing will be less important and also with like someone else would use a guitar. I try to be a real songwriter where it���s hard for people to realise it���s possible especially with the explosion of EDM and big dance music, we can write songs with a computer and it���s interesting. I do have this experimental side, but for now I���m focusing on the pop live show, I call my video ���kittin mega mix��� and let���s see, it���s not started yet, let���s see where this brings me to. Probably two hours in festivals and later I can include some more from different shows, more ambient, more arty. But ���Jeff Mills told me you have to do it, you have break through you���re the only one around us who can do it. I am a DJ, I shaved my head I said fuck electro clash.��� compilations, Boards Of Canada, Aphex Twin etc and I really wanted to go in this direction, just for myself and maybe I would release this some day under another name. Then I thought it would be more interesting to bring these tracks together and make a double album. Its incredible how now it makes sense because the first part brings you to the second part, all the people who listened to the album definitely at the end go for the second part and were like wow you went deeper in your writing and actually there���s less sound, it���s my head I said fuck electro clash, that���s my rebellious side but at the time I didnt realise that I was going against what people expected me to do. I just did what I wanted to and now that no one expects me to do a live show i���m going for it which is ironic and tells a lot about myself. So I am preparing the show alone it���s not just the laptop performance, and the question was do I want to present the album I said yes I would prefer to play all of the songs that made me still be here twenty years later, if I was in the audiences shoes i���d want the second part of the album there are huge possibilities to make more experimental live shows let���s say in museums or art fairs and I really want to push this more. So you want to make it as abstract as possible, it���s different.. Yes, I have these two sides of me, the pop side where I���m trying to write a non-formatic pop music with electronic sounds, and now it���s more possible because pop music became very electronic anyway and I���m using the computer you know, one thing at a time. I have no choice but to perform alone because if I take an assistant or a computer or a keyboard player it will remind me too much of Hacker and I miss him but I have to make a statement, you know with this album. Especially as I wrote most of these songs by myself, it makes sense to perform them all by myself. Tell me more about the fashion aspect, you said you���re going to be doing casting changes between your performances, how is that actually going to work? Changing room next to your laptop?! I don���t know how it will happen, or if it will work, but we found a way where I can get changed on stage whilst I���m singing, it has to be futuristic, a little bit mysterious. But yeah my link with fashion is bizarre, I never go to fashion shows, I just do my own thing you know. When I travel sometimes to have a little break from work I go to Topshop, Selfridges, and I buy little things from there and I make it my own but again I���m kind of disconnected from fashion. I never had any fashion designer designing clothes for me, I never liked to have stylists on my photo shoots. That���s how it should be you know, it���s like going to a supermarket and you pick what you want in your little basket and you pay the cashier at the end and that���s what I do when I go shopping so that���s my independency disease. When is your album out? 22nd April. And Vinyl? Yes, we are making a limited edition of vinyl and I just saw the artwork, it���s going to be really nice. 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