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HIP-HOP / 32 RNB Issue 49 / 2013 IEW RV TE IN BILLY DANZE Whilst in London we caught up with one half of the legendary hip hop group M.O.P, talking on his new project Raps United Nation that helps push new talent from around the world and unsigned artists in the scene, he also let us know that a new M.O.P masterpiece is on its way. KYLA | @ We are here right now with someone that needs no introduction, Mr. Billy Danze of M.O.P. how you doing sir? I���m good, I���m good sweetie how you doing? I���m good, so okay tell us about your project that you���re doing with unsigned artists? Well it���s called Raps United Nation and you know being an artist in the game for so long I see a lot of talent around the world, and I figured out what was the problem like, they can���t get through because they���re all trying to do it on their own and if you kinda unite then we got a bigger voice, so we���re about 9,000 artist strong around the world, we���re only in 14 countries but we���re spreading. That is amazing like 9,000 artists in 14 countries, so you���re really picking up all the unsigned artists and really giving them a platform then? Yeah it���s basically fueled and powered by us, you know what I���m saying? As one team, one unit, we got one movement and we have got one voice and we just keep going, we got all different styles of hip-hop, all different styles of music. We got cats here in the UK, we actually put out a project which is called Raps United Nation First Wave, we got a lot of good artists on there from Axsom Nelson to Joker Starr, to Sami Switch you know it���s a lot of dudes on there and right now we got like two or three of their records playing in all of these countries so it���s just about keep pushing it, you know what I���m saying it���s either you push on your own which will take a longer time to get there, or we all push together be. Like if you���re a production crew, you should be able to produce any kind of sound. You need club, you need street, you need emotion and whatever you need the Snowgoons will provide. So the hardest thing about making that album was picking the tracks. We only put 10 tracks on there and the hardest thing about making the album was picking 10 tracks out of 100 because they sent us about a 100 tracks. So it was crazy, it was ridiculous. What do you think about the music industry today? Just the accent? Because I mean if you hear Sami Switch his record, there���s nothing different but the accent but it���s brilliant like because the word play is incredible, the beat is incredible, the way the kid rides the beat is incredible. Same with Joker Starr, he got this whole ���I own this shit��� feeling to him, so it doesn���t matter where you���re from what it is about is if what you can bring to it some people call it rap, some people call it rhyme and some people call it whatever, we call it being on the mic. Joker Starr is on the mic, ���The motto is; the music industry is more like an army, and the only way to fight an army is with an army, so here we go.��� because the motto is; The music industry is more like an army, and the only way to fight an army is with an army, so here we go. So you���re building your own rap army then? Yeah it���s for us, it���s our thing. So your last album ���Sparta��� was produced by some European producers called Snowgoons, would you think of Europeans as stable hip-hop producers? Well I know of a lot but I���ve only I���ve worked with a few but Snowgoons are incredible, like they���re what I believe a production crew should Well...on one sense I love it, on another sense I don���t. I love it because I can go home and I can talk to Kool Herc who is the man who invented hip-hop, I can talk to him and say that Sunday night I was in London at a called club XOYO, and what you invented, that we burrowed in Brooklyn is now over in London doing extremely hard and you would be proud. you know what I���m saying he gets on the mic and he makes you feel exactly what he saying. So you know there���s no difference, except for the accent. Thanks Kool Herc for that by the way thank you so much from a real hip hop baby thank you! Do you think there is a difference between UK hip-hop and US hiphop? Well the next M.O.P. album, we���re in the studio putting it together now, obviously I���m here in the U.K. Um, the accent, that���s it! Tell us about your next album do you have any artists that you���re bringing through on there, like what���s going on with your new album? And we���re glad to have you. Thank you and Fame is on the other side of Europe somewhere touring and when we get back we���re gonna finish up. Also tonight is really historical for us because of what we���re doing with Raps United Nation we have an artist showcase where we���re allowing, some people are calling it a competition but it���s not a competition, it���s a showcase where at the end of the night one of the artists will be selected and we���ll put them on the next project that we���re doing. So you know what I���m saying is it���s gonna be incredible. Anything we can do to push it along and get people rolling because sometimes you gotta light the fire that other people have, you know what I���m sayin���? So when can we expect to like hear this masterpiece? This M.O.P. masterpiece everybody���s been waiting for for so long? Before the end of the year, and it���s gonna be crazy, we in the studio with Premiere, Fame is still doing the beats, we got DR Period who produced ���Ante Up���. We are going back to the essence with this one, and grabbing the cats that we know that can help us bring the best M.O.P. sound that the people appreciate. Thank you very much for taking the timeout to talk to us, thank you very much! More information check out or follow @BILLDANZEMOP

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