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34 6 DRUM N BASS / DUBSTEP IN TE RV IEW Issue 49 / 2013 GOLDIE We caught up with the artist and musician who is celebrating 20 years of breaking boundaries with an epic release. OSHI | Well it���s 20 years right now isn���t it, you got this epic music coming out now celebrating 20 years of your music. kids��� you know what I mean, and it has its done that, and a couple of times its done that. It���s very humbling because I think 15 years ago I was a bit of a dick to be honest. I spent most of my time fighting and just doing mad shit, beating people down or doing something really stupid. But to be honest you get really passionate about the music to the point of content, and I think I���m a little bit more humble now, do you know what I mean and I think that looking back on the music it really hits home when you���re looking back on something like. Last year was a big time for you, you had your hectic tour? Things always go round in circles? Well it always does, I���ve been here through so many seasons with this music like you know when it was spending ��50 in music for a few hours waiting for an acetate and ready to give it to your DJ, but now thats all changed. But just the way that the music has come so far, and you look at people like Rudimental now and you���re looking at people like Plan B, you know and the sharing and the collaborations with the grime thing, and I think urban music generally. If you look at the chart 20 years ago, you���d be very surprised you know. But just to put it into perspective how far the music���s come as a genre, I think I said ���This music���s going to go far, it is going to go around the world The Bronx for me was a big thing and it was a big eye opener, but I���m not just going to sit here and rant about it, at in a massive position the UK right now, you know you got Ed Sheeran at the Grammy���s performing with Elton John, you got all these people that are from England that have just blown up and I think that really sums it up really, you know what I mean. Look at grime man, its been here for so long. Coming of the back at first, then garage and then its coming out in full, and it comes and goes away again, and then it comes back. I���m a big lover in that, I���m a big supporter of urban music generally and music of black origin if you like. So I there, I���m straight forward, man I���ll beat you down, just go. I���m loving it, I think to be honest I haven���t done my best work yet. You���re looking good man, know what I mean? Reinvention, that interests you? I feel the best I���ve ever felt, and I don���t really sleep anyway, I���m on like four hours a night but that used to be through countless amounts of drugs problems though mate. ���If you look at what dnb has done for other music, I think its got the same impact as what graffiti did for world art.��� the end of the day it���s about celebrating that music and I think coming from England and going as far as its come is a really beautiful thing. To be honest man, I never invented nothing, you know i���m just the vessel like anyone else who���s just trying to speak my opinion. And I think you get on that train, and you know I look at UK house in Detroit, Detroit house, and Detroit music, and I���m looking at Europe and UK BreakBeat, and Shut Up and Dance, and all these great people man. We just joined them, and expanded their ideas. I think it���s a very beautiful thing that England���s in a great position really, its think I���m quite blessed on my own little thing because my things only little to be fair compared to other music, but I think if you look at what dnb has done for other music, I think its got the same impact as what graffiti did for world art, the way that arts flipped now. So you���ve changed a lot, but do you still have any of that old energy, the same energy that you had back in the day? I���m out mate, I���m doing bikram yoga every day, five days a week, I���m up mate, I sleep four hours a night, I���m in dream and kind of really enjoying that, but I think to be honest I am a lot more humble than I was before, I count my blessings a lot. I look at things, I get the train in the morning, get up super early, get the train and go to yoga. This year coming ahead is a big year then? Well its the year of the snake guys, its the year of the snake, and I am this snake, I am the year of the snake, I am that wood snake, and you know a lot of people don���t believe in anything, but I���ve got a lot of belief systems, if I didn���t believe in the music 20 years ago and if I didn���t believe in getting somewhere with art 30 years ago I wouldn���t be doing what I���m doing now. I���ve been doing this since I was 17, you know I mean, I���m 47. I���ve been doing this hard for 30 years, so I���ve kind of lived the That interests me man. It���s the greatest gift we���ve ever been given. Bowie said that to me, we were sitting doing an interview and he turns around and this was at the peak of my drug career, the peak of my, I don���t know where I���m at, troubled, demonised and troubled and he turns to me and he said ���maybe you���ll be a pile of shite tomorrow but it doesn���t matter, you���ve made it already.��� You take risks to get into music, it���s no different than when you listen to Public Enemy���s first album you know, everyone gets it at first and they don���t understand it, they love it. They���re buying into the hype but they don���t really understand the lyrics, do they? You as a person as well, has done well with reinventing and coming as... well you could call it a new character, just generally changing yourself. I���m a little bit less rowdy, but I���m probably more respectful I think. It���s the thing with passion isn���t it, if you love something so much you���re really facing a bitter end, you don���t care. 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