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Buggy Classes Fly Across The Course Two Top Teams Finish In Top 10 Overall By Dan Sanchez Photos By GetSomePhoto After qualifying took place for Class 1 racers, it was evident that some of this division’s top racers would do well on the 493-mile course. After taking the first starting position, Broc Dickerson got past the first turn, and once he got off the highway, pulled over with some kind of issue. By the time Cody Parkhouse in the number 127 car caught up to Dickerson, he took over the lead and kept it the rest of the race to win the class. “We were able to not have to push quite as hard, and we maintained our space,” said Parkhouse. Parkhouse shared driving duties with his dad Brian Parkhouse who got into the car from race mile 335 to the finish. “The car ran great all day, and we had a flawless run,” said Parkhouse Sr. “We were running up front and trying to keep pace with some of the SCORE Trophy Trucks, and that was a lot of fun.” That pace allowed the Parkhouse team to an incredible fifth overall finish, staying ahead of some tough competitors like Robby Gordon, Larry Roeseler, Justin Lofton, and others. Another Class 1 team that flew across the desert to finish in the top 10 overall was Brendan Gaughan in the number 162 car. Gaughan’s luck didn’t start well, however, blowing an engine while pre-running that prevented him from participating in qualifying. The team worked hard to get their backup motor in place and made it to the starting line to leave seventh in class. Despite the initial challenges, Gaughan and co-drivers Buddy Feldkamp, Mike Montes, and Bily Goerke drove hard to move up quickly to the front of the pack on the course to finish seventh overall and second in class. “With all we went through this week, it’s just unbelievable what we did,” said Gaughan. “We blew both our racing and our pre-running motors and ran with a backup motor which we didn’t own until four days ago. For finishing in the top-ten overall, we did a great job, and it’s a great day. We got a great spot for the SCORE Baja 1000, and we’ll try to win it for two years in a row.” Finishing third in Class 1 was the number 163 car of Ruben Torres with Enrique Avalos, David Mason, and Matt Nelson. The team did well despite losing a belt and having a spare tire fall off and smash the engine, pulling off the battery lead to the alternator. Mario Fuentes in the number 179 car finished fourth, followed by Broc Dickerson in the number 123 car and Gabriel Torres in the number 103 car. Class 10 Decimated By San Felipe’s Terrain Seven competitors signed up for this grueling race within Class 10, including 2019 Class Champion Hiram Duran and 2019 second place season class finisher Chase Warren. These two competitors were one point apart from last year’s championship points totals and would raise the level of competition this year as well. Despite the heavy competition in this class, the San Felipe desert took its toll on these racers causing mechanical failures that ultimately prevented all but Ivan Tagle in the number 1087 car from finishing. “It was a very difficult race,” said Tagle. “It was harder than any other I’ve competed in, and it’s great to see the work SCORE did to have this race with the pandemic. I’m already looking forward to the SCORE Baja 1000 later this year.” As more Class 1 and Class 10 competitors may enter into the 53rd BFGoodrich Tires SCORE Baja 1000 in November, the race will be much more difficult for Gaughan and Tagle to win a championship should they prevail. Official Finishers CLASS 1  (Unlimited open-wheel single or two-seaters)  (6 Starters, 6 Finishers) 1. 127 Cody Parkhouse, 33, Long Beach, CA/Brian Parkhouse, 60, Long Beach, CA, Jimco-Chevy, 8:54:40 (55.32 mph);  2. 162 Brendan Gaughan, 45, Las Vegas/Buddy Feldkamp, 42, Redlands, CA/ Mike Montes, 52, Las Vegas/Billy Goerke, 46, Las Vegas, HMS-Chevy, 9:28:42;  3. 163 Ruben Torres, 22, San Luis Potosi, MX/Enrique Avalos, 32, Ensenada, MX/David Mason, 27, Encinitas, CA/Matt Nelson, 42, Valley Center, CA, Alumi Craft-Chevy, 10:32:21;  4. 179 Mario Fuentes, 49, El Paso, TX/Armandino Fierro, 47/Robbie Pierce, 60, Alpine, CA, Jimco-Chevy, 11:37:33;  5. 123 Broc Dickerson, 19, Brawley, CA/Jeff Dickerson, 45, Brawley, CA, Jimco-Ford, 13:47:23;  6. 103 Gabriel Torres, 27, San Luis Potosi, MX/Erick Avalos, 32, Ensenada, MX/Felipe Martinez, 40, Monterrey, MX/Agustin Moreno, 40, La Paz, MX, Alumi Craft- Chevy, 17:17:24 CLASS 10  (Limited, sealed engine, single or two-seaters)  (7 Starters, 1 Finishers) 1. 1087 Ivan Tagle, 31, Chula Vista, CA/Joaquin Ramirez, 26, Chula Vista, CA, Alumi Craft-Chevy, 13:37:31 (36.18 mph)  

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