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Vision X Lighting Taking Technology To Space Programs And Off-Road Desert Racing By Larry Saavedra Photography Courtesy of Vision X Lighting About 25 years ago, Vision X Lighting was a small startup lighting company with big ideas. They were serving niche automotive car accessory markets with various stylistic lighting products, but the desire to expand their lineup into the performance field was always the goal. That’s when co-founding partner Joe Biro wanted to climb into a Trophy Truck with veteran racer Bob Shephard at the 2005 SCORE Baja 1000. At that moment, things changed at Vision X Lighting, now located in Auburn, Washington. They ended up winning the class, and that experience introduced Biro to the growing off-road desert racing industry. Today, Vision X Lighting remains deeply involved with off-road desert racing. “We re-engineered our existing HID lighting products after that SCORE event in ‘85,” said Brandon Nelson of Vision X Lighting. “Two years later, we decided to manufacture the ultra-bright light bar that could withstand any off-road abuse or weather conditions. That’s when we began experimenting with state-of-the-art venting valves, silicone lenses, and weather-proof connectors for a light bar we called Xmitter. This technology eventually got noticed by NASA, and we ended up making the Xmitter for their Mission to the Moon rover program. The product became a big deal.” Fast forward several years, and Vision X began mass-producing LED light bars and HIDs with everything enclosed within the light-- a new emerging technology. Those critical first steps would lead to the 2013 introduction of the popular Cannon Series pod lights, which became available in three distinct sizes. “It’s our flagship round driving light,” Nelson added. “Cannon became the first single-diode specifically intended for off-road use, which could illuminate 1,000 feet in front of the driver. For example, with the 25 watt Cannon Series, instead of using an array of small LEDs, we used our IRIS Reflector Technology to get the most out of our lights for off-road use.” Vision X Lighting now has a second-generation Cannon Series as the search for newer technology continues. “Once we started putting IRIS technology into pod lights, we began to incorporate it into light bars,” said Nelson. “The technology came full circle. With the original Xmitter, we used an acrylic style optic to change the beam patterns and output to disperse the light. With our reflectors, we can push the maximum amount of distance the light travels. Then we started to develop products like the XPI with multiple reflectors.” Vision X Lighting sees its products used by a spectrum of the off-road community, especially the faster SCORE Trophy Trucks. “HID lighting is still out there serving an audience, but we wanted a better, more energy-efficient product,” said Nelson. “Our LED technology with IRIS offers more durability. You don’t have to worry about a bulb burning out and destroying your only light source. Vision X Lighting has the technology that allows a light bar to continue to work even if a section of it gets damaged. Our real-world product testing has always centered on racing off-road. Three years ago, we introduced the Shocker light bar with two different beam patterns and two different color outputs built into one bar. The feedback we got from racing allowed us to design it.” According to Nelson, the company is always looking for ways to push the envelope of performance lighting technology by introducing new products for various commercial and consumer markets. “We made many beneficial changes to our products thanks to race testing,” said Nelson. “We don’t do batch testing. All of it is done in-house. Every product is put through a gauntlet of durability tests.” Vision X Lighting continues to be an innovator as they look for new ways to add more functionality to their lights, whether you race, overland travel, or are a weekend warrior. SJ

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