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August Potato/IGSA 2010

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diggin’ in INTERNATIONAL MARKETING Industry Report PUFF-PASTRY DOUGH Curry puffs are a common snack found in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. These are small pies or turnovers filled with a specialized curry sauce, made with chicken and potatoes in a baked or deep- fried puff-pastry shell. Through a USPB dehy application study, puff-pastry doughs containing 2.5- 10 percent dehy were tested. Each of the sample doughs also included 5-20 percent additional water in their recipes. The curry puffs made with sample U.S. dehy doughs were slightly larger in size—due to the additional water generating more steam during baking in a hot oven, causing better expansion of the dough. The baked quality of the curry puff- ‘Inside the LRP’ Increasing demand with new uses, channels, markets By David Fairbourn SLICES, DICES, SHREDS, GRANULES, flakes and flour—if one thing can be said for U.S. dehydrated potato products (dehy), it fully demonstrates how completely versatile U.S. potatoes can be. Technologies enabling U.S. dehy product production continue to evolve. Since the advent of the first dehydrated mashed potato products many decades ago, the quality has improved in taste, nutrition and convenience. U.S. dehy is also a valuable food ingredient that can be found in ice cream, chocolate milk or even bread doughs and muffin batters. The United States Potato Board is maximizing the many possibilities and endless uses of U.S. dehy. Application studies are important to increasing the demand for U.S. potato products in this segment. Through this research, the USPB identifies new markets and channels for U.S. potatoes. Here are some examples from application studies of how including U.S. dehy as a food ingredient can improve different baked goods from around the world. FOREIGN PASTRY GLOSSARY Bolillos: Mexican variation of the French baguette. Long, in the shape of an oval, with a crunchy crust and a soft inside. (Mexico) Conchas: Mexican sweet rolls shaped or patterned in the shape of sea shells as well as other designs. (Mexico) Curry puffs: Small pies or turnovers filled with a specialized curry sauce, made with chicken and potatoes in a baked or deep-fried puff-pastry shell. (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand) Telera: Variation of the bolillo, but they are more round in shape, divided into three sections and are usually softer. (Mexico) 14 Potato Grower | AUGUST 2010 pastry was reasonably dry and did not show any excessive internal doughiness in the product. All baked curry puff-pastry exhibited a uniform shortness-in-mouth feel when eaten. Shortness is a desired quality in puff-pastry, meaning light and crumbly, instead of being hard and chewy. A Texture Analyzer was used to assess the crispness of the baked curry puff-pastry over a given time frame. The results indicated the level of 5 percent U.S. dehydrated potato and 5 percent additional water gave the best overall results for the level of crispness from baking to 30 minutes after holding. The additional water in this dough also enabled the baker to gain more dough, resulting in a 5 percent yield increase. On a cost-per-unit basis, the ingredient cost of the sample dough is comparable to the control dough and could be acceptable to the baker. Application studies were also conducted on curry puffs that are deep fried. An increase of 4.3 percent in total dough yield was achieved with sample dough consisting of 2.5 percent U.S. dehydrated potato and 5 percent additional water. There was no significant increase in the cost of this sample dough, and the addition of U.S. dehydrated potato improved the sensory qualities of the fried curry puff-pastry. MEXICAN BAKERY DEVELOPMENT In Mexico, the USPB completed a comparative evaluation of U.S. dehy products in bolillos, teleras and conchas— traditional breads produced in many

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