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Dual Celebrations This 2023 SCORE season has many accomplishments to reflect on, but in this issue, we focus on two primary landmark occasions that are an indicator of SCORE’s longevity, and the activity level of our promotional and marketing assets’ growth in the past nine years. This first and foremost achievement applies to the SCORE International brand for reaching its 50th Anniversary. As a continuously operating racing organization, SCORE International has been instrumental in anchoring off-road motorsports in North America, by raising the perception of off-road motorsports to a global audience. This effort came through SCORE’s first-ever TV package for every race, the introduction of a robust SCORE racing website, social media channels that lead the off-road motorsports category, the addition Racer Profile web section that includes 1,400 SCORE racer profile pages, and finally, the SCORE Journal digital magazine which is now celebrating another landmark, producing our 100th issue. Over the past nine years, SCORE Journal Magazine has been a major monthly communications tool for SCORE, our participating teams, sponsors, and the off-road performance lifestyle fan base that has been following the SCORE series and our iconic Baja races brands for the past 56 years. The SCORE Journal’s accomplishments and highlights have been many, and some are highlighted in this special 100th issue. We have condensed the benchmark items that we feel were among the top to showcase. We also highlight the team behind all the editorial and design elements that make SCORE Journal a go-to source for feature content, and provide more depth than the standard social media sound bites. The content also provides valuable communication channels for SCORE, and serves a different purpose with its in-depth edit dives, which are often supported by editorial video integrations on SCORE Racers, Sponsors, and the off-road racing community. Safety, tech updates and the historical features are also how SCORE Journal celebrates the heritage of SCORE that made today’s much advanced race needs, able to take place. See more about the SCORE 50th Anniversary history review in this fifth installment of this amazing series with SCORE Journal’s Editor, Dan Sanchez’s great sit-down conversations with Sal Fish, and the memories and insight Fish brings into what happened in these early stages of SCORE development that led to our Anniversary celebration. Enjoy the issue and see you at the races. Jim SCORE JOURNAL VP MARKETING & SALES / PUBLISHER Jim Ryan SALES MANAGER Kurt Miller EDITORIAL DS Media LLC Dan Sanchez Mike Vieira Larry Saavedra Elijah Sanchez CONTRIBUTORS Stuart Bourdon Jack Wright GM SALES & DIGITAL OPERATIONS DerDiZ Media Inc. Todd Horne CREATIVE DIRECTOR DerDiZ Media Inc. Ashley Hanks Horne SCORE STAFF Dominic Clark, SCORE Media Operations SCORE OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER Art Eugenio COVER PHOTO GetSomePhoto PUBLISHED BY SCORE MARKETING LLC 465 South Meadows Parkway #6 Reno, NV 89521, 775-852-8907 Cover and contents are protected by copyright and must not be reproduced in any form or in part, without the prior written consent of the publisher. ® PUBNOTE

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