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All About Chlorine FIRSTLY LET US UNDERSTAND WHAT CHLORINE DOES Chlorine is a sanitiser and bleach in other words it kills bacteria in swimming pools and is used in many other industries to control bacteria. Some of your household cleaners contain chlorine in a weak liquid solution. Municipal water supplies are dosed with chlorine. Most households are familiar with bleach. Many don't realise it is one of the chlorines used in swimming pools. However, household bleach is a much weaker solution than liquid swimming pool chlorine. So let's get going and give you an explanation of all the available types of chlorine. In a few minutes you'll be an expert! As I said before there are only 4 basic types of chlorine so here goes. Did you know that all types of chlorine have nicknames this is what makes it so confusing? Of course without nicknames we would have to get our tongue around the long chemical names. So let us get right along and have a look at the types of chlorine available. 4|Page

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