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Pumps We now understand filters. What about pumps? The most important issue when purchasing a pump is to ensure it has the capacity to turn over all the water in your pool on a daily basis. There are hundreds of pumps on the market; people sell them in ads, in the paper and on the internet. The question remains… do you know that a particular pump is suitable for the volume of water in your pool. A 1HP (One horse power pump) may be suitable for your neighbor, but what about your pool? Is it strong enough? Is it too strong? Can your filter handle the volume that the pump is pumping through it? Do you need a heat pump for heated water? What about a 3 speed pump which saves on electricity? There is only one way to find out. Check with your Pool Professional. He can advise you, install it and offer a warranty. When I started in the pool industry 25 years ago there were only about three or four brands of pumps now there are many, every man and his dog…well maybe not the dog are selling pumps on line. Be aware. Make sure you are purchasing from a reputable swimming pool professional that can help you with any advice, warranty issues or repairs. Sample: Neptune Pool Pump by Pool Pro 32

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