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171 CONTACT; Note: The second season of Salem airs Sunday, April 5, at 10 p.m. fascinating to have these beautiful houses in a perfect state of pres- ervation with this history." Why Salem for a setting? "Salem used to be the subject of all kinds of fictionȃgreat Pidcentur\ swash- buckler talesȃbut it no longer is" says Thorland. Her works have enough historical elements to be put on the historical fiction shelves in bookstores but they also have a strong romantic component as well as a lot of action. ", think , straddle genres" she sa\s. 1o Patter their classification her aim is for readers to come away from her books knowing the Ameri- can 5evolution was "as coPSle[ dangerousȃand e[citingȃas the Tudor Court." She also wants read- ers to find Sleasure in her tales. ", hope they have as much fun as they would watching Richard Lester's Three Musketeers Povieȃa great Podern swashbuckling filP." Both a novelist and a screen - writer she is aSSroSriatel\ enough writing for the new WGN drama Salem. &urrentl\ she is cowriting episode seven for the second season with the showȇs creator AdaP Simon. "The confusing thing about writing for the show Salem is: I live in 6aleP but we write it in /os Angeles then we shoot it in 6hreve- Sort /ouisiana" she laughs. 'esSite being so far removed from the source oI its insSiration 7horland sa\s "7he Salem set is amazing. It's built on a 30-acre property with woods and a waterIront and the\ȇre expanding the dockside portion of the town this season." Crossing media as Thorland does is not all that common. Novel writing is quite different from screenwriting though she notes generating story ideas requires a similar process. "Getting ideas down on paper while screenwrit- ing is reall\ diIIerent though" sa\s 7horland who describes 79 writing as a very collaborative SrocessȃPan\ writers coPe to the table with ideas and then write the script either alone or with another person. "Where your iPagination gets stuck theirs can pick up." She also notes that with scriSt writing thereȇs a teaP oI creatives who will "stir in visuals" create soundtracks and give liIe to the dialogue. "When you write a novel \ou have to bring all that." Whether it's a historical swash- buckler or a Iantas\ draPa the writer finds great satisIaction in creating new worlds from old. She also gleans both pleasure and inspi- ration from our very own stomping grounds. "We live so closely with our Sast on the 1orth 6hore" she says. "I think the entire series is really fun for people who live sur- rounded by history." The set for Salem is located in Shreveport, Louisiana. photograph courtesy of Tribune Media book cover courtesy of Penguin NAL

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