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164 November 2012 60 Turnpike Road, Ipswich 978-356-6342 104 Eastern Avenue, Gloucester 978-281-4480 Create the backyard of your dreams this fall, we can help! Loam • Stone • Mulch • Cambridge and Belgard Pavers • Garden Tools Patio Furniture • Fresh Nursery Stock • Wholesale Division 164 FALL 2015 real estate J Barrett & Company, 100 Cummings Center, Suite 101K, Beverly, 978-922-3683, quick and easy as they look on TV. In reality, a kitchen remodel can take several months, Gray says. "Talk to a respected contractor (your Realtor likely knows a few) and get a sense of what it might cost and how long it's likely to take," he adds. Find a Realtor familiar with the market. "You want an agent with 'feet on the ground,' who understands the community and specifically what the community has to offer you," says Gray. For instance: Is it accessible to the train? How are the schools? Is the town walkable? A Realtor can also help a buyer find a home with specific attributes, such as one that doesn't need work or an antique home with period details. Wait to buy that new refrigerator. "Your credit score is crucial to how much you can borrow and at what rate," Gray says. "One of the biggest mistakes buyers make is to go shopping for new furniture and appliances before their loan closes; this can put them in a very precarious situation!" He also recommends keeping open lines of communication with the lender. TOP 5 TIPS FOR SELLERS Honesty is the best policy. "Be up-front with your real estate agent as to your goals and objectives, the debt service on your home, and any condition issues," Gray says. Staging your home for sale is important. "Declutter as much as you can. Thin out the attic, basement, and garage, as well as the closets," Gray says. It needs to be done before you move anyhow; doing it sooner is a bonus because it will make your house look even better to buyers. "Buyers want to be able to look past your things and place their belongings in their mind as they view your house. Help them with this by decluttering," Gray says. "Walk through your home as though you were buying it." Also consider whether rooms need a fresh coat of paint, if the carpets need clean- ing, or if the landscaping could use some sprucing up. Be prepared for in-the-know buyers. "Buyers are fully educated with re- gard to the market and pricing: They know what your neighbor's home sold for three years ago and also the one that sold last week," Gray says. Put your best foot forward. "Keep in mind that the buyer's first intro- duction to your home is likely going to be via computer, and then a great Realtor," Gray says. That's why it's important for sellers to make a strong first impression with touches like great photography for the listing, detailed floor plans, and a well-written property description. Work as a team. "Remember, your Realtor looks at homes and home values on a daily basis," Gray says. "They should provide you with a Current Market Analysis and a price range that they would suggest to list your home for sale. You and your Realtor should become a team, talking every week on the current status of the market and its effect on how buyers are reacting to your home."

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