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IDAHOFALLSMAGAZINE.COM  23 n by Kim Johnson, Horticulturist and ISA Certifi ed Arborist with LawnTech { I N T H E G A R D E N } Looking out the window, we all get the message loud and clear: It is time to start working on the lawn again! Though few of us get excited about that, hopefully we do get excited about the benefi ts of play- ing on or just having a beautiful lawn. As the season begins, we're anxious to get our lawn looking green and healthy. Here are several things to consider: When should I start watering? What is the best fertilizer and how much and how often should it be applied? How can I get good control of all my weed problems such as dandelions? And what about mowing height when I begin? These certainly are vital questions in order to get great lawn color and quality. Mowing height I think it's always good to do an extra short, close mowing at the beginning of the season to remove winterkilled foliage as well as all the leaves and other debris that have been blown in on the lawn. This will usually prevent the need for power raking in most cases. After that, mowing should be performed weekly at a height of about two and a half to three inches. Ideally, try to mow no more than one third of the length of the grass at a time. Weed control Broadleaf weed control is best achieved when weeds are most active and weeds like dandelions are best controlled in the fall which will prevent the typical spring bloom- ing that is so common in April. Another weed treatment performed in late spring or early summer will help with weeds that are more noticeable during the summer. The task of weed control is one of the most diffi cult for homeowners because there are so many products to choose from as well as application rates and methods that are variable in results. It is an area where a professional service may be able to perform weed control for you more effec- tively and with a guarantee. Fertilization Nitrogen is the most important element required in fertilization of lawns, though other nutrients and micronutrients are also important. Because nitrogen can cause a salting or burning effect, most products must be applied several times per year in smaller doses to achieve good results. Since lawns grow naturally during April and May Lawn Care Anxiety

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