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Rugged Radios
M3 Helmet Pumper System Rugged Radios introduced a new High Pressure High Volume M3 Helmet Pumper System that provides more air flow for pumper style helmets. The M3 is designed to build pressure and forces a larger volume of air into the helmet at a much higher rate of speed. Using a special built high static pressure fan, the M3 produces five times the pressure and more volume than any other helmet pumper available. Manufactured from light weight carbon fiber and 6061 billet aluminum the M3 weighs only 1.6 pounds and easily mounts with the company’s exclusive half clamp bar mounts that are available in most tubing sizes. When matched with Rugged Radio’s optional VSC (Variable Speed Controller) the M3 can be turned down for staging then instantly turned up for high pressure ventilation. The VSC pulse control precisely adjusts the amount of air entering the helmet. For more information visit, German Motorsports
AGM uni-ball tool AGM’s uni-ball tool makes it easier to replace a broken uni-ball on the vehicle. The tool’s compact size and easy operation allows the replacement of a uni-ball without ever having to remove the suspension components from the vehicle. Manufactured from high strength steel the AGM uni-ball tool offers racers and teams the reliability to perform the repair in the shop or alongside the race course. For more information visit Yokohama 
Geolandar M/T G003 Tire Designed for hardcore off-roaders, outdoor enthusiasts and pick-up truck/SUV owners, the Yokohama Geolandar M/T is the latest member of Yokohama’s rugged line of durable, light truck tires and is initially available in 37 sizes, ranging from 15- to 20-inch rim diameters. The new M/T features aggressive sidewall styling, GEO-SHIELD™ technology that incorporates multiple sidewall plies, steel belts, a full nylon cap and a high turn-up carcass to create a stronger tire that provides strength and protection, even in the harshest off-road conditions. “The M/T has it all: intimidating good looks, superior strength, proven performance and excellent traction in all on- and off-road terrains, from everyday highway driving to attacking steep, jagged rocks; muddy trails and desert sand,” said Andrew Briggs, Yokohama Tire senior director of tire business and product planning. According to Fardad Niknam, Yokohama Tire director of LTR segment development, the M/T is also designed to provide longer lasting tread life, shorter stopping distance on wet roads, and a quieter sound on the road. For more information, visit

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