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GOLD AND BLACK ILLUSTRATED VOLUME 28, ISSUE 3 17 BY STACY CLARDIE A fter Purdue had secured a successful rebound sea- son with a 38-35 victory over Arizona in the Foster Farms Bowl, returning linebacker Markus Bailey, naturally, was optimistic when asked about the program's future. "This was such a crucial game for us to get," said Bailey, the likely soon-to-be captain as a junior in 2018. "I know it's going to give us a lot of momentum going forward in the offseason. Having that win gives us confidence going into the offseason, so we can work harder in spring ball and everything. "We want to do better than what we did this year next year." That — doing better — that's the caveat to this 7-6 fin- ish, right? Entering Jeff Brohm's first year guiding Purdue's pro- gram, the outward expectation — and a seemingly fair one — was not a bowl appearance. Had the head coach been honest publicly, he probably would have been included among those who felt that way, regardless of the goal-setting that was done by the team before the season that identified a bowl berth. The likely trajectory of a program turnaround was three years. Use the first one to get systems installed, even though they'd have to be tweaked with the mostly non- Brohm personnel in place, and win three, four games; the second to allow more roster development but still show Tom Campbell Playing out of position on the outside, Markus Bailey still led Pur- due in sacks and was No. 2 in tackles as a sophomore. With Nick Holt planning to move Bailey back inside next season, it should free up the junior-to-be to record 100-plus tackles. Football Analysis Great(er) Expectations Surprise 2017 season changes timeline

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