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© 2018 Sage Intacct, Inc. All rights reserved. 877-437-7765 Company Overview Goodway Group is the programmatic partner agencies and advertisers trust to provide digital advertising expertise that drives campaign performance and media eciency. Through managed planning and buying services across all paid digital media, Goodway delivers trustworthy marketing expertise and authentic results because we know the truth is what maers most. Executive Summary Previous Soware: • QuickBooks Results with Sage Intacct: • Visibility into segment protability informed growth decisions • Company grew 2X faster than nance headcount • Team saved 40+ hours/month on A/P allocation • Soware paid for itself in under 3 months Challenges Preparing for the Future with a Flexible Financial Platform A third-generation family-owned business, Goodway Group has evolved signicantly over the past nine decades, transforming from a printing press, to a direct-mail marketer, into a digital marketing organization. Aer shiing its focus to digital from print, the company grew rapidly and found it could no longer run its nancial processes eciently on QuickBooks. It had become time-con- suming to manually track employee expenses and commissions, produce detailed invoices, and consolidate Goodway's multiple entities using Excel. The nance team decided the time had come to adopt a robust nancial management solution that could automate these workows, stream- line project billing, and improve gross prot visibility across campaigns. "We wanted an intuitive cloud-based system that could meet the needs of our virtual, home-based workforce," shared Mark Meade, vice president of nance at the Goodway Group. "We looked at Oracle NetSuite and Microso Dynamics, but chose Sage Intacct because it gave us the core gen- eral ledger and job costing capabilities we needed in an open, exible platform that we could ex- tend with best-in-class add-ons for things like commission management, CRM, payroll, and more." Solutions Segment-Level Visibility Informs Growth Decisions With Sage Intacct, Goodway Group has full insight into nancials across a variety of operational dimensions that allow the business to easily slice and dice data by specic projects, segments, clients, vendors, or employees for deeper reporting and analysis. Finance leadership uses real-time dashboards to monitor key performance indicators like cash ow, gross prot by business seg- ment, net income, current ratios, working capital, and vendor and customer agings. As a result, they can spot trends or anomalies that need their aention and react quickly to maximize the return on investments and prepare for cash requirements coming down the pipe. Goodway Group also uses Sage Intacct to analyze campaign, client, and segment-level protabili- ty, rather than just look at its P&L in the aggregate. Meade noted, "By understanding cost of sales and protability for each segment we're in, our business leaders have the information they need to spot market opportunities, set our strategic plan going forward, and make more informed deci- sions – such as how many resources to designate to a particular segment. Now we use trusted data during our strategic planning meetings, rather than having to rely on gut instinct." Preparing for the Future with a Flexible Financial Platform Goodway Group C A S E S T U D Y

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