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9 Igniting innovation How quickly can you innovate? Running SAP on AWS infrastructure opens the door to an accelerated pace of innovation and, ultimately, increased competitive advantage. AWS and AWS Partners enable you to extend SAP systems to an extremely broad, deep, and cutting edge set of cloud services. Take Vivere for example. AWS Virtual Private Network (AWS VPN) AWS CloudEndure Migration Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) Amazon S3 Amazon EBS Read the full Vivere, PT Central Data Technology, and AWS story. Vivere needed a better approach to making innovative ideas a reality. The leading Indonesian interior contractor and furniture manufacturer was ready to move its SAP systems and applications from on-premises hardware to achieve faster response times and more agility.. With the help of the AWS team and PT Central Data Technology, an APN Advanced Consulting Partner, Vivere embarked on a two-phase migration project. The first phase, completed in just two months, consisted of performing functional tests in an AWS sandbox environment to verify that SAP would run smoothly and integrate with partner and vendor systems. The second phase, completed just four months later, migrated the rest of the workloads. Now, its SAP ERP software is about 40% faster, and availability levels have risen from under 99.5% to 99.8% on AWS. The company expects their infrastructure costs to decrease by 25% year over year for the next five years. For Vivere, the main benefit is that it can quickly extend resources to accommodate new projects, such as its new IDEMU brand. Shortly after the SAP migration, Vivere engineers started using robotic process automation (RPA) on the AWS cloud to automate desktop data entry for the group's finance and accounting teams. Vivere only needed four hours to set up unattended RPA services; on premises, it would have taken four weeks or more, plus licenses and software that Vivere did not have. Vivere designs a platform for innovating with SAP and AWS Learn more AWS solutions used Donny Fernando Head of IT, Vivere Group "The IT team has decreased its operation workload without having to constantly check on hardware. Its bandwidth is now distributed to innovation on the cloud such as the implementation of robotic process automation."

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