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WIFI & LoRaWAN in store retail analytics

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Business value Solution Opportunity WIFI & LORAWAN® IN STORE RETAIL ANALYTICS, BY KERLINK & SMART TRAFFIK ● The system then combines Kerlink's Wirnet™ iFemtoCell-evolution indoor gateways and its Wanesy™ Management Center to transfer the information to Smart Traffik's instore data analytics solution. ● Retailers can optimize and measure the effectiveness of their marketing strategy and commercial campaigns, to attract new customers, improve their customer journey and to increase their overall spending. ● IoT specialist Kerlink and Smart Traffik, a retail-analytics solution provider, have built a responsive end-to-end system combining Wi-Fi and LoRaWAN® to enhance visitor in-store journeys. ● Leveraging Kerlink's Low Power IoT Reference Design, the two companies designed the SmartBox™, a plug-and-play anchor that anonymously collects store visitors' smartphone Wi-Fi signals in real- time and transmits the information through its LoRaWAN® link.

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