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ES Cell Microinjection Model Generation The Jackson Laboratory has an experienced ES Cell core lab that can make new mouse models by microinjecting existing genetically modified ES cell clones, with chimeric mice ready to ship in as little as 13–15 weeks. GETE TS0218 2022.09 ∙ Utilize existing ES cell clones, either from your lab or a commercial repository, to quickly generate your new mouse model. ∙ Karyotyping and additional QA/QC available as part of our full-service package. ∙ Specific opportunistic and pathogen-free (SOPF) mice are provided, so no quarantine is needed when receiving mice. ∙ Models are generated in the US allowing for fast shipments and no quarantine. Service Highlights Do you have access to an ES cell line that already has the genetic modification you need? JAX will microinject the mouse ES cell clones into appropriate host blastocysts of the genetic background of your choice. We can provide the founder mice, or breed to the N1 generation. Overview Genetic Backgrounds Deliverables Timelines ∙ Most common inbred strains ∙ All mice produced; average 3 or more ∙ Choose to receive founder or N1 mice ∙ 3-4 months to receive founder mice ∙ 7-8 months to receive N1 mice (optional) 1-3 weeks 12 weeks Invoice for Founders Founder Pups Born 16 weeks Invoice for N1 Founder Report Delivered N1 Pups Born N1 Report Delivered ES Cells Received Karyotyping and QA/QC Optional Sequence Analysis of Founder Animals ES Cell Microinjection Breeding of Founders to Background Strain Validation of N1 Animals Projects are designed and conducted by our PhD-level study directors, and you will receive regular updates from your dedicated project manager. Our Process

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