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Introduction // 0.1.2 6695 Business Parkway Elkridge, MD 21075 USA 1.410.796.6400 tel 1.800.645.0854 tel 1.410.796.0589 fax 1.800.348.2426 fax © Copyright 1998-2019 Agam Group, Ltd. All Rights Reserved, ATC-V09-Intro-ENG (2019.01) How To Use The Catalog Section A of the catalog describes all Agam extrusions in an abbreviated form. These profiles are grouped into five categories: Verticals (Section A1), Horizontals (Section A2), Other Extrusions (Section A3), Plastic Extrusions (Section A4) and Fabric Holding Extrusions (Section A6). Section C describes all accessories, grouped by function. In Section F, designers and engineers will find all extrusions on a 1:1 scale; these pages can be used efficiently during the selection process. Other sections, for technical assistance and support, are comprised of the following: Section D illustrates countertop templates, providing dimensions for cutting tops. Section E describes in detail various machining processes. Section G illustrates Vertical Panel Dimensions. Section H illustrates the powder coating color selection. Section I illustrates Curves, showcasing various shapes and radii. Section L provides a convenient Measurement Conversion Chart. All dimensions on each page of the catalog are both in standard and metric measurement, this chart will allow a quick conversion table both ways. Section M, Truss System, describes all parts and pieces involved in the fabrication of trusses. Section N, Cable Beam, describes all parts and pieces involved with the Cable Beam System. Section O, Cladding System, describes all parts and pieces involved with the Cladding System. Section Z is the catalog index, organized by product name.

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