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20 / MAY.JUNE.2017 USICERINKS.COM i f you are anything like me, the thought or idea of a budget meeting can make you want to take a nap. I know, budgeting isn't the most fun of topics—and it's certainly not why we got involved in facility management. However, figuring out your budget is an important management tool for every facility. I keep my budget document on hand and use it weekly when making purchasing decisions, planning for maintenance activities, and coding bills. So rather than dreading the inevitable meeting filled with numbers, prepare yourself. What does a buget look like? In its simplest form, a budget is a map of how we will allocate our resources to achieve our goals for the year. We have budgets in my facility for programs, projects, capital improvements, and operations. The program/project budgets are often a part of the operations budget, either as a separate line item or into multiple line items. Generally the line items in the program budget should correlate with a line item in the overall operations budget. Every budget is generally split into revenues and expenses and then further with sub-categories (often referred to line items). I refer to the line items often throughout the year and use the line items when I am coding bills. There are revenue line items for ice rental, concessions, gate or admission, advertising, donations, pro- shop etc.—the more line items, the greater detail you will have in your budget. The expense side of a budget is usually far more detailed with many more line items including: • Personal services • Hourly employee wages • Salary PHOTOS: COURTESY OF BIGSTOCK NUMBER$>NAPS Budgets can seem like a drag, but the more prepared you are, the better off you and your facility will be // by MIKE BAUER, CRA

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