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48 / MAY.JUNE.2017 USICERINKS.COM IN PART 2 OF OUR ICE REMOVAL SERIES(Part 1 can be found in the March/ April 2017 issue) we will be going over the process used for a sand floor. The main difference between removing ice from a concrete floor versus a sand floor is that the majority of the ice will be removed from a sand floor using an ice edger and ice resurfacer (IR). Before you start the removal process, it is important that you collect the equip- ment, tools and supplies needed to carry out the task from start to finish safely, and without any significant interruptions. You will also need to have a plan for disposing the ice paint in accordance with your local environmental laws. The ice removal process starts with recording initial ice depth measurements to determine areas that are thicker than others. After identifying the leveling of the ice surface using the edger on high spots such as the corners, you will need to shave them down with the IR. You will want to use various shaving patterns to address the high spots, such as figure-8s and cross-cuts. To make the shaving process move a little faster, it can be advantageous to adjust the refrigeration system set points to allow the ice surface temperature to warm up a few degrees, but not higher than 28 degrees Fahrenheit. You should only drive the IR on a solid sheet of ice to avoid the possibility of damaging the refrigeration pipes in the floor. To be safe, check the surface temperature with a handheld infrared thermometer and con- firm the refrigeration system is still oper- ating as expected in between shaves. One thing to consider prior to remov- Ice Removal: Part 2 How to take the ice out with a sand floor PHOTOS: RINK ARCHIVES HOW To Taking the Ice Out (Part 2) by CRAIG PETERSEN, CIRM THE MAIN DIFFERENCE BETWEEN REMOVING ICE FROM A CONCRETE FLOOR VERSUS A SAND FLOOR IS THAT THE MAJORITY OF THE ICE WILL BE REMOVED FROM A SAND FLOOR USING AN ICE EDGER AND ICE RESURFACER (IR).

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