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NORTHSHOREMAG.COM 32 DECEMBER 2018 / F A C E S + P L A C E S / With the holidays just around the corner, Jaime Sloan, owner of the North Andover boutique Dani Kaye, is excited about how much the store has ramped up its gift options. ere are hats, gloves, pashminas, sequined slippers, and jewelry from the local lines Inhabit Jewelry and Luxa Jewelry, not to mention fabulous holiday dresses and luxe faux fur pieces. Best of all, there are lots of options priced at under $100 and under $50 to accom- modate a variety of tastes and pocketbooks. But on this chilly, rainy day in late October, Sloan has something more pressing on her mind: heat. at's because she, like so many home and business owners in North Andover, has been without gas service for more than six weeks, since a series of gas leaks, explo- sions, and fires rocked the Merrimack Valley on September 13. "Not having heat now is obviously a big issue," Sloan says. At the time of this writing, she is optimistic that heat will be restored to her shop by week's end. But other buildings—including many homes in North Andover, Lawrence, and Andover—are projected to be without gas until nearly anksgiving, or possibly even later. Despite the near-freezing nighttime temperatures, dug-up roads, cold showers, and dinners cooked on hotplates, life in North Andover is chugging along in the wake of the disaster, including preparations for the holidays. December brings with it the warmth of neighbors helping neighbors, small businesses poised for holiday shopping, beautiful Christmas tree and nighttime light festivals, a community holiday gift drive, and gingerbread houses waiting to be decorated, all in North Andover. "e resiliency and the spirit of this community has been remarkable," says Stephen Ross, who handles public relations and marketing at the Wine ConneXtion, a North Andover Main Street business that's been affected by the disaster. "e commu- nity has really come together and helped one another as best they can." e Wine ConneXtion is one of the many businesses that have remained open through- out the recovery efforts, and it's a great place to shop for holiday wines, whether for host and hostess gifts or for passing around the holiday table. For a great all-purpose wine (if you're unsure of your host's tastes or what they're serving), Ross recommends a nice red D A T E O F S E T T L E M E N T 1644 D A T E O F I N C O R P O R A T I O N 1855 A R E A 27.8 square miles P O P U L A T I O N 28,352 Z I P C O D E 28,352 M E D I A N H O U S E H O L D I N C O M E $ 87,076 Anne Bradstreet Early Childhood Center, Atkinson Elementary, Franklin Elementary, Kittredge Elementary, Sargent Elementary, Thomson Elementary, North Andover Middle School, North Andover High School Poet Anne Bradstreet; first postmaster general Samuel Osgood; actor James Spader; stand-up comic and actress Liz Simons S C H O O L S N O T A B L E R E S I D E N T S THE DETAILS The Wine Connextion is the pefect place to find that special gift for the hostess or wine lover. PHOTOGRAPH BY SARAH JORDAN MCCAFFERY

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