September/October 2020

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STEP 7: Install the skirt The last step is to install the skirting. Be sure to use the thinner cording for lacing the skirt that was included with your net pur- chase. Things are starting to get tight on the bottom tie rods so using the same cord from the net will be extremely difficult. Find the center grommet of the skirt. Double check and place a cable tie on top-center grommet to mark the location. Attach the bottom grommet of the skirt to the bottom center tie rod with an anchor knot. Place the skirt on the net inverted with the top of the skirt- ing hanging down to the floor and the inside of the skirting facing you; doing this will hide the knots you are tying with the skirting. Next, lace the skirt from center to left and center to right, tying a knot at each grommet location, ending at the goal posts. Once you have finished the bottom, flip the skirt back up onto itself and set your anchor knot at center using the cable tie as your center reference. Be sure not to pull the skirt so tight that it shows the base knots that you just tied. Lace the top grommets on the skirt from the inside of the net so you can tie off at each location on the inside. Doing this will give your skirt a nice clean look from the spectator's perspec- tive. Finally, install the vertical pad on the back post, stand back to take a look at your finished product! Marvel at the beauty— while mentally preparing to repeat the process on the other net! Tip: Loosen the nets prior to the first game by placing some weight on the back netting in lieu of shooting on them. Tip the frame against a wall to keep the weights in place. J USICERINKS.COM SEPTEMBER.OCTOBER.2020 / 29 , Use thinner cording for lacing the skirt. 7 , Using a torch or lighter to melt the working end of the cord will prevent it from loosening or pulling the knot.

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