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F or anyone into desert off- roading and racing, it's a life-long dream to be behind the wheel of an Unlimited Trophy Truck. Ask any kid who their favorite racer is and they might name Rob MacCachren, Tavo Vildosola, BJ Baldwin and a host of others. But ask Apdaly Lopez, driver of the #5 RPM Off-Road Unlimited Trophy Truck, and the person he names first is his dad, Juan Carlos Lopez. The Lopez family have been racing for 20 years, with dad Juan Carlos racing motorcycles. At age five, Apdaly Lopez followed his dad and also began racing motorcycles until age 15, when he was picked up by Clyde Stacy and the RPM Off-Road Racing team. Stacy allowed Lopez to drive in Class 10 until last year, when Lopez co-drove with Stacy in Unlimited Trophy Truck Class. Stacy made a great choice as the team Don't Underestimate Apdaly Lopez. He May Well Be part of The Next SCORE Unlimited Trophy Truck Championship. STORY BY DAN SANCHEZ PHOTOS BY GETSOMEPHOTOS 026 SCORE JOURNAL

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