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RIDE,WIN BY TAYLOR VLAHOS PHOTOS ICON MEDIA REPEAT W hen you talk about vehicles that dominated the sport of desert racing, many SCORE fans can rattle off several Class 1 or Unlimited Trophy Trucks that have made their mark in winning championships. But not too many SCORE fans will name a motorcycle as a legendary vehicle in the sport. So for motorcycle fans like Jim O'Neal, CEO of O'Neal Motorsports, it is important to point out that some bikes can be built well enough where they can actually dominate in certain classes. One of the most important pieces of history is this Honda 400x, one which has claimed many class wins and championships over the years. The bike is owned by Jim O'Neal and his teammates, Tim Withers, Jeff Kaplan, Jeff Sheets. At 67 years old, O'Neal and his teammates, have A Legendary Motorcycle With Many Baja Wins And Championships JIM O'NEAL'S 400X HONDA HAS NEARLY 5,000 RACING MILES ON IT WITH THREE CLASS 40 CHAMPIONSHIPS, NINE STRAIGHT CLASS 40 WINS, AND SEVERAL TOP THREE OVERALL WINS. 032 SCORE JOURNAL

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