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SCORE101 CLASS 5/1600 IS A POPULAR WAY TO RACE SCORE, HAVE FUN DOING IT AND KEEP COSTS LOW CLASS 5/1600 F rom the very beginning of automotive competition in the deserts of Baja, it would be clear to recognize that Volkswagen vehicles are charter members of the off-road racing fraternity. Today, you see them in SCORE's Class 11 to Class 1/2 1600, Class 5 and Class 5/1600. It's evident that Volkswagen Beetles in any shape or form are what made up many of the race vehicles in the early days of Baja competition. In those times, there was hardly more than factory stock sedans with maybe a roll bar and snow tires as their only modifications. The rules were simple, but as fabricators and engine builders got savvy, modern rule changes allowed the class to evolve the Beetle into a variety of forms that we see in today's SCORE racing events. Class 5/1600 however, has remained somewhat unchanged from its past, and presents itself as an attractive one that features a level playing field, with a proven selection of off-road racing tires and trick parts. In its current form, Class 5/1600 is a popular way to race in SCORE, have fun doing it, while keeping overall costs low. SCORE Class 5/1600 has plenty of rules that determine what you can and cannot do. But with this comes an opportunity to be competitive in cars that are not exotic. Parts are readily available, and you can race a tricked-out VW Type 1 1600 cc engine with plenty of power, while staying within those rules. With this also comes greater opportunities to race for a championship, and to hone a team and driving skills in preparation for any class you and your crew might venture into in the future. Most racers who have participated in this class agree, that if you are looking to get started in desert racing, SCORE Class 5/1600 may be a good point of entry. BY RICK SHANDLEY 048 SCORE JOURNAL SCORE 101

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