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IMPROVING THE SAFETY FACTOR W hen drivers and co-drivers strap into a vehicle like an Unlimited Trophy Truck, they don't often realize that in doing so, they become a part of the vehicle. This is important to chassis builders like the Geiser Brothers, Racer Engineering, Jimco, Brenthel, Armada and others who know that the seat and harness are key to providing the proper connection between the occupants and chassis. While racing seats and safety harnesses don't seem as exotic as a CAD designed chromoly tube chassis, the reality is that manufacturers of these products are using new technologies, materials and testing procedures to dramatically increase safety levels for occupants. These aren't the same products that were used a couple of decades ago with new upholstery or fancier labels. Manufacturers like MasterCraft Safety, Sparco, Simpson, Beard, PRP and others, approach occupant safety in a whole new way that includes energy absorption, proper chassis mounting, lightweight materials and more. They are also looking at how seats and harnesses can work in unison with other safety devices like head nets, HANS devices and more, in order to further decrease the chance of injuries. SAFELYSEATED BY TORI TELLEM AND DAN SANCHEZ PHOTOS PROVIDED BY THE MANUFACTURERS NEW SEAT AND HARNESS TECHNOLOGIES REDUCE THE CHANCE FOR INJURIES THE SPARCO EVO II US COMPETITION SEAT HAS 1.5- INCH MORE WIDTH THAN THE TRADITIONAL AND POPULAR EVO SEAT. AVAILABLE IN FOUR SIZES, IT HAS A FIBERGLASS COMPOSITE SHELL, AND FABRIC THAT'S BOTH NON-SLIP AND FIRE-RETARDANT. WWW.SPARCOUSA.COM. 058 SCORE JOURNAL

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