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CONTINGENCY WATCH ACE UNIFORMS CLASSES: Trophy Truck, Stock Full, Trophy Lite and Class 8 AWARD: 1st in Class $250 in product REQUIREMENTS: Run two 4"x24" stickers CONTACT: Marc Stein 619.233.0227 x301 ADVANCED AIR CLEANERS AWARD: 1st in Class – FREE Replacement Air Cleaner REQUIREMENTS: Two stickers, one each side CONTACT: Jeff Howe 619.561.7764 AUTO METER PRODUCTS CLASSES: All trucks and buggies AWARD: 1st in class - $100 Product Certificate REQUIREMENTS: Min. 3 entries/class, Must use Auto Meter products, Must run two stickers, one each side. CONTACT: Jim Conner 619.855.0912 AZTECA MOTORSPORTS CLASSES: Pro Quad, Sportsman M/C and Sportsman Quad AWARD: $150 Cash award to class winners RACES: San Felipe 250, Baja 500 and Baja 1000 REQUIREMENTS: Min. 3 entries/class CONTACT: Flavio Perez 619.454.3984 BAJA FABRICATION & SHOCK WORKS CLASSES: Trophy Truck, Class 1, TT Spec, 1/2-1600 and 5-1600 AWARD: $150 Certificate to 1st Place in above classes REQUIREMENTS: Must run Baja Fab stickers CONTACT: Sam Stark 619.710.2837 BAJA PITS CLASSES: Pro and Sportsman M/C and Sportsman Quad AWARD: FREE Pit Service next race for the following CLASSES:1st Place - COMBINED CLASS 30, 40 and 50. 1st Place Ironman 1st Place Sportsman MC and 1 Place Sportsman Quad. CONTACT: Carlos Orozco 619.921.8798 BF GOODRICH CLASSES: All truck and buggy classes except Jeepspeed, 4400 and Sportsman classes. AWARD: Payout as follows: I. Trophy Truck – 1st Place - $1000 II. Class 1 – 1st Place $700 III. Classes: 1/2-1600, 2, 3, 5, 5-1600, 9, 11, SCORE Lites, Stock Mini, Stock Full, Heavy Metal - 1st Place $500 IV. Classes: 7, 7SX, 8, Pro Truck and Trophy Light – 1st Place $600 V. Pro UTV and Sportsman UTV – 1st Place $300 RANCHO DRIVELINE ENGINEERING CLASSES: Trophy Truck, Trophy Truck Spec, Stock Full, Pro Truck, JeepSpeed Cup and 4400 AWARD: 1st Place - $500 towards labor for transmission repair only REQUIREMENTS: Must display RDE stickers on both sides of vehicle CONTACT: ROBBY GORDON WHEELS CLASSES: Trophy Truck, Class 1, 1/2-1600, 5-1600, Class 7, 1900 Pro and Sportsman UTV AWARD: 1st Place – One set of Robby Gordon Wheels REQUIREMENTS: Min 10 entries/class CONTACT: TOYO TIRES CLASSES: Trophy Truck, Class 1 and Class 7 AWARD: TT 1st - $3000 2nd - $2000 3rd - $1000 Class 1 and 7 1st - $1500 2nd - $750 3rd - $500 REQUIREMENTS: Min 10 entries/class Must display TOYO stickers on both sides of vehicle CONTACT: LATEST SCORE CONTINGENCY SPONSORS. 072 SCORE JOURNAL 072

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