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B y its very nature, off-road racing is something of an underdog sport. Often lacking the giant corporate dollars and mainstream media coverage that helps propel other forms of motorsports into the general public's consciousness, off- road racing teams have had to pave their own way to success. The hurdles they have to clear are often as big and as difficult to traverse as the obstacles on the very courses on which they compete. Despite increasing attention from a wide array of sponsors, off-road racers still bear the brunt of the expense and the effort that goes into chasing their dreams. Moreover, our sport is a great place for underdogs, in that it is one of the last great fields of unbridled innovation in motor racing. If someone here has an idea, we can make it happen; no rulebook is going to stop us. And unlike other forms of mo- torsport, the variety of terrain, the sheer distances covered, and the huge array of vehicles all leaving the same start line, all help to make our sport one in which the little guy, operating at full capacity, can still be a giant killer. The Fortin family is a prime example of a race team that has THE FORTINS: A Proud Family Of Innovation BY SCOTT NETH PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY FORTIN FAMILY 056 SCORE JOURNAL

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