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26 / NOVEMBER.DECEMBER.2015 RINKMAGAZINE.COM by DAVE WESCOTT, CPE, CIT M aintenance management is one of the top priorities for any ice arena manager. From ice temperatures and conditions, to dasher boards and glass, it's important that managers keep everything in the arena in tip-top shape. That especially extends to your refrigeration compressors. Every artificial ice rink will have some sort of mechanical compressor being utilized in its refrigeration system. Like anything mechanical, these compressors need constant service. When neglected, refrigeration compressors wear out, eventually needing to be replaced. Oftentimes managers are taken by surprise when a service person tells them it's time to rebuild their compressors, and the cost can quickly escalate. Operating a refrigeration compressor past the recommended maintenance intervals can cause the compressor to operate inefficiently, using more energy to cool the ice, resulting in higher operating costs. Here are a few ways to minimize that cost through these compressor maintenance and rebuilding tips. (Editor's Note: We are only using general terms for this article. Rebuilding intervals is truly something that should be discussed with the refrigeration service provider for your facility.) Hermetically Sealed Scroll Compressors There are actually no rebuild capabilities with this type of compressor. The term hermetically sealed means that the component is welded shut and not serviceable. When these compressors go bad, the only option available is to replace them. Despite the need to replace instead of rebuild, a hermetically sealed scroll compressor typically has no required maintenance during its life. Semi-Hermetic Reciprocating Compressors These compressors are very common on Freon systems and are easy to rebuild. In most cases, the unit is removed and an already rebuilt unit is installed, while the removed unit is sent back as a core for rebuilding. These machines have both the electric motor and the compressor in one unit. They feature the same components and electric motor parts as reciprocating compressors. MAINTENANCE & REBUILDS PHOTOS: COURTESY OF DAVE WESCOTT Refrigeration Compressor , Semi-Hermetic , Hermetically Sealed

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