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STARRINKS.COM NOVEMBER.DECEMBER.2015 / 27 Rebuild Protocol: This type of compressor will usually run until a problem persists. These compressors can run many years without requiring a rebuild; however, it is important to conduct annual service and oil testing to get the full life out of them before a rebuild is necessary. Screw Compressors Notice the small amount of moving parts associated with the screw compressor. This allows for much longer intervals of time between rebuilds, compared to a reciprocating compressor. Rebuild Protocol: Rebuilds for some manufacturers are necessary after 30,000 hours of operation. Keep the oil filters clean and the alignment accurate to get the most life out of this type of compressor. Open Drive Reciprocating Compressor There are lots of moving parts in the reciprocating compressor. The good thing is that all of the internal parts can be replaced. Rebuild Protocol: Most manufacturers advise rebuilding each year. Top-end replacement should occur annually, or at least after 5,000 hours, at a cost of $5,000 to $7,000. Complete rebuilds should occur after 10,000 hours. With a full rebuild costing $12,000 to $15,000, and a new compressor in the $50,000 range, getting the most life out of them is very important. Other Things to Note During Compressor Maintenance and Rebuild The type of primary refrigerant being used in the compressor can also affect the rebuild intervals. While this article is about rebuilding, it's really the preventive maintenance along with oil sampling and vibration testing that can extend the life of the compressors. A well-worn compressor may still operate, but will suffer, leading to higher operating costs. Proper maintenance and repairs can actually reduce operating costs over the long run and help you make sure that compressor failures are limited. Work with your refrigeration service provider and create the best plan for your facility and type of compressor. Listen to the service provider, and maintenance service is requested, work with him or her to get this accomplished. You will be glad you did! J Dave Wescott is the owner of All-Star Arenas. "IT'S REALLY THE PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE ALONG WITH OIL SAMPLING AND VIBRATION TESTING THAT CAN EXTEND THE LIFE OF THE COMPRESSORS." , Screw Compressor , Screw Compressor , Open Drive Reciprocating , Open Drive Reciprocating , Continued Semi-Hermetic

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