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M ost desert racing teams know that the LS engine family is by every measure a worthy successor to the original Small-Block Chevy. Time and technology have marched on and those advances have allowed the LS to surpass its predecessor. In terms of emissions, fuel mileage, and engine longevity, the LS is head and shoulders above the previous mouse motor. That's why it is now used in many off-road racing vehicles, and is the preferred engine for a variety of classes, and for good reason. The LS engines pump out considerably more power. To put this into perspective, the most powerful small block (fuel-injected, L84 327) of the muscle-car era, was rated at 375 hp. Those were impressive numbers back in the mid sixties and early seventies, but the real power output of that small THE LS ENGINE FAMILY IS POWERFUL IN STOCK FORM BUT REALLY COMES ALIVE WHEN YOU ADD THE RIGHT PERFORMANCE COMPONENTS. LS POWER BASICS POWER PRODUCTION MADE SIMPLE BY RICHARD HOLDENER 080 SCORE JOURNAL

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