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most simple definition of the climate is the sum total of all the interconnecting systems on Earth (i.e. the atmosphere) and it's hard to think of a natural process that doesn't in some way have an effect on the climate. So human activity in climate change is only part of the picture, and that's where the disagreement comes in. Pollution, on the other hand, is way more simple. Whilst climate change can be argued to be the result of human activity, pollution is human activity. This simplicity and difference in kind allows action to be taken so much more easily, instead of vaguely trying to 'reduce your carbon footprint', or 'stop climate change'. Since pollution is actually an activity, it not only makes it easier to deal with than an idea (which was my second reason) but leads you directly to action. Since polluting is something that is done, the solution is to stop doing it. Obviously, it's not as simple as this, but it's at least simpler than trying to work out how to solve climate change – something not everybody even agrees exists anyway. Focussing on pollution makes humans so much more accountable and responsible as it's about cleaning up our mess, but it also enables us to actually do something in a much more effective way than talking about climate change does. Here are four ways to try and make a difference it's the usual stuff but it's definitely worth repeating: 1. Drive only when necessary: public transport is good and cycling if you can manage it is even better. If it's a tiny drive down the road to pick something up from the shop, consider walking. It's much healthier, both for your mind, your body and the planet. 2. Refuse single-use plastic like straws, coffee lids (unless you're about to run!), bottles and bags. Have a refillable bottle with you – this will help you keep hydrated as well! 3. Organise your trash. The less we're putting in a landfill the better. 4. Write to your MP, a lot. If we all bug those that represent us enough, the desire to reduce pollution and clean up what is already out there might make it through to Parliament. This could take the form of encouraging renewables, introducing better recycling policies and pushing for a move away from fossil fuels. GUESTLIST 2018 / ISSUE 108 GUESTLIST

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