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We help business-to-business (B2B) and consumer market (B2C) businesses gain a competitive advantage by connecting their top and bottom line revenue across marketing, sales, and customer success. We do so by creating clear sightlines across organizational silos, enterprise architecture, data resources, and customer journeys. We call this a Revenue Ecosystem™ Framework because it unites your organization's greatest assets— people, processes, technology, data, and experiences—within a digital ecosystem that supports insight, agility, and collaboration at every step. The revenue ecosystem connects the organization's greatest resources— people, processes, technology, and data. T H E R E V E N U E EC O SYST E M™ A FRAMEWORK FOR DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Setting the strategy The first three steps in the revenue ecosystem framework are related to the planning processes that result in a blueprint that you can use to implement your growth engine. Revenue growth Every business exists to generate revenue, and revenue is driven by the customer journey. Re-envisioning that journey transforms the organization's revenue potential.. Digital transformation Transformation requires marketers to redefine their own role and the role that digital tools and strategies play in their organization's ability to attract and empower customers. Data Model Creating a data model that enables the entire organization to collect, share, and analyze customer data provides the blueprint for the implementation of the revenue engine.

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