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SXSW 2012 Interactive Festival | 115 SXSW 2014 Interactive Festival 115 Health & Business Revolving around topics ranging from patient data security and management to health sur- veillance, financial tech, and new enterprise, here we bring together individuals vested in using new technologies to help promote healthcare and wellness, and those interested in best practices in business development. Join medical, business, and scientific research pro- fessionals as they gather to brainstorm solu- tions to entrepreneurship, health and health technologies. All Keynote sessions will be simulcast in all session rooms equipped with a projector. Venue Highlights HEALTHCARE TRACK PRESENTED BY KAISER PERMANENTE Sunday, March 9 | Salon F Learn about the latest tech trends in healthcare. RE-CREATING THE BUSINESS OF HEALTH Friday, March 7: 3:30pm | Salon F New technologies such as mobile apps, wearable sensors, and social networks are converging with new expectations and needs to create new business models for healthcare experiences. Inspired by ideas and innovations emerging from university research labs, clinical innovation centers, start- ups and large companies, how can we design new technologies to bridge the gaps between the research and the delivery of innovative healthcare ideas? WHAT DRIVES WORD OF MOUTH? Saturday, March 8: 11:00am | Salon H Why do some products and ideas catch on while others fail? What drives word of mouth? How does the audience communicate (e.g., small versus large), and the channel they communicate through (e.g. online versus offline), affect what gets shared? And when and why does word of mouth have a stronger impact on behavior? This solo presentation from Jonah Berger will cover recent research on what drives word of mouth and why online content goes viral. HEALING HEALTHCARE WITH UX DESIGN Sunday, March 9: 5:00pm | Room 616AB Healthcare technology is rarely designed with the patient in mind, and designing a better experience is a daunting task. To make an impact, designers need to arm themselves with a mission, passion, and patient mindset. Designer Abbe Don will provide an unvarnished look at how far we have come in healthcare UX, how far we still need to go, and why having a mission is crucial. She will challenge session participants to find their mission and use it as a springboard for innovative design. PERSONALIZED HEALTH: COMING TO A SCREEN NEAR YOU Monday, March 10: 12:30pm | Room 616AB As it stands today, we have a massive chronic health crisis affecting our country from the inside out. There is plenty of support for the coming revolution of the health care system but how do we get people to act upon this personal data? We know that the main underlying drivers of chronic illness is our lifestyle choices and habits. This discussion is centered around how we should present this per- sonalized data to make it engaging, relevant, and most importantly, actionable. Just like any "action plan" for an enterprise, there should be a similar action plan for our personal wellness development. Room 615AB Salon G Salon F Salon JK Salon H Room 616 AB MR 617 MR 619 MR 614 MR 612 MR 613 MR 618 MR 602 Red River Street Neches Street Balcony East 4 th Street East 5 th Street N JONAH BERGER ALEXA CLAY ABBE DON ASIF KHAN HEALTH & BUSINESS HILTON DOWNTOWN, LEVEL 6: 500 E 4TH STREET FESTIVAL SESSIONS

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