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34 6 DRUM N BASS / DUBSTEP IN TE RV IEW Issue 51 / 2013 RUDIMENTAL Smashing the charts with their Number 1 single "Waiting All Night" we chatted with the down to earth Hackney quartet – Leon Rolle, Piers Aggett, Kesi Dryden and Amir Amor. One of the most exciting groups to emerge in electronic music right now, these guys are at the forefront of a new wave of talent. With their new album "Home" dropping last month they represent positivity and bring us a sound that is new and fresh. EMMA LOUISE MAW | So tell me a little bit about your mad last year, as let's be fair it has been pretty fantastic for you guys? - Piers: Yeah it hasn't been bad! From our first number one with "Feel The Love" we have been on the road, performing live with our band and doing DJ sets and writing an album so we are having such an amazing time. Like from Jools Holland to Hackney Weekender and travelling to Australia and an American tour we have travelled all over the world so we have been very lucky. It all kicked off with The Hackney Weekender, how was that for you guys I mean coming from Hackney as well? - Kesi: That was amazing like me, Piers and Leon grew up playing football on the Hackney Marshes so to be playing music there to like 10,000 people and them all screaming "Feel The Love" back to us was a bit of a moment. I remember us all coming off stage and we were all in a bit of a daze, I don't think anyone spoke to each other for about half an hour we all just sat there like what just happened! Yeah it was amazing to be like our second ever live show to be that. - Leon: It was good to solidify ourselves in the public eye, as a band coming across and giving that message like this is what we are about. And ever since then we have been able to develop that and progress off that, it has been a really good experience as now we have got a lot of more freedom to express ourselves creatively. So how long have you guys been together and performed? - Amir: We come from a pirate radio background, we are used to playing on the radio to a small group of people and DJing but it was the first time we could play live to a really big group of people like Leon said to show people that we come from an electronic background but we are also a band we are musicians and we write music and we play music. In the rehearsal room and studio, that You have brought out your new album "Home". What can we expect from this? - Piers: We make festival music, and there is a big Rudimental sound on the album that we can't wait to show the world. We have got a lot of great vocalists that we have worked with for example Emeli Sande, Sinead Harnett, MNEK who is from Spoons. There are a lot of great collaborators and we have managed to infuse the electronica music that we have grown up listening to in London and infuse that with soul music that is also a big part of our influence. - Amir: We are a festival act, we make anthems for festivals for 20,000 people to put their hands in the air and that is the kind of music we have on the album. In the video "Feel The Love" people are all on horses and the video for "Waiting All Night" is a great concept. Where do you get the ideas for your videos and how much input do you have into the creation process? - Amir: Well we all grew up with our horses in Hackney! Nah just kidding, with "Feel The Love" it is actually Fletching Street Riding Community "We bring our backyard on stage and we feel most at home when we are there we create something special when we are together and we cannot wait to share that with the whole of the UK especially the UK, because we are from the UK!." is how we write our songs they don't always start on a computer. So it was just a matter of having doors open for us, "Feel The Love" was a drum and bass track, a song that had a trumpet solo and guitars on there and at first people were like what are you going to do with this. But thankfully the audience reacted to it and people listened to it and bought it and that meant that we could really freely do what we want now. - Leon: At the end of the day when we all get in the studio together, we create something magical and that's what we love sharing with everyone else. - Leon: The album is called "Home", and it kind of reflects of how you feel when you are in a festival and you have found a tent that you really, really like and you have lost all your mates and you're in the middle of nowhere and you're just scream and shouting hands in the air. And the stranger that was next to you is no longer a stranger and the grass starts feeling like your backyard and it is a good feeling of home. That's what we are about and we bring our backyard on stage and hopefully that translates onto the audience, and that's what the album is all about. that is in Philadelphia. Which is a young peoples center for people who had a troubled background. And one of the kids in the video for example her mum got shot in front of her a little while before that. So it is actually a reflection of our influences in terms of Hackney is looked at in a negative way sometimes, but we are from Hackney and we are all really positive so we wanted to show in our videos that there is positivity in dark places and the Fletching Street Riding Community was a good example of that because it is real people there are no actors and rather them riding BMX's like we would here they are riding horses in the city and it is just striking and it looks amazing. So it is reality and positivity that we are trying to show. - Leon: You could go ahead and do what everyone else is doing in the video but we like to do something different and stand out. Your tour is coming up and I know we are exciting about seeing you on stage, but is there anywhere you are looking forward to hitting? - Piers: Everywhere in the UK we are excited about! Everyone in the UK gives us such wicked vibes and because we are from there, you see people really embracing our music. I think every single tour date is going to be amazing because of our fans, they don't actually understand how important they are. They are actually in our album, there was a gig in Creamfields that heard the best rendition of an acapella version of "Feel The Love" we ever heard and we sampled it on our album. They have been such a massive influence on how we made our album, we can't wait and when we are on stage we feel like we are in the crowd. - Leon: As we said earlier, we bring our backyard on stage and we feel most at home when we are there and we create something special when we are together and we cannot wait to share that with the whole of the UK, especially the UK, because we are from the UK! - Kesi: So for all of those 10,000's of crowd, you cannot receive royalties on that track! It would be too hard to find out who was actually in the tent! 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