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REGAAE / DANCE HALL 43 7 Issue 51 / 2013 EW VI ER NT I Matisyahu With the release of his new album Spark Seeker Acoustic Sessions, we caught up with one of the most inspirational artists around. His words hold power, great meaning and he is all about spreading the positive vibes. That 's what we do, we try to light candles in dark rooms. Val | Recently on stage you said you saw people 'staring you down', you said you felt penetrated, is this something you battle with spiritually? There's always that eye of judgement looming over, but when you have someone searching into you to see what is your drive. "Why is he singing like this? " But I try not to battle with it in my head because it can send you out of control. I just think that guy is who he is, so whatever. I'm hypersensitive towards this; sometimes I get insecure by reading someone's reaction when I'm performing. We have two eyes; you can choose to look at life through the lens of fear, or the lens of love. You can create and make changes. When you approach things with fear, people sense that and it creates a wall. When you approach things with love and confidence in yourself and God and faith, then you can create love and love melts all. Everything melts in the face of love. You seem like a very humble man, do you believe that any conflict people see outside of their lives is a result of inner conflict? Is it their lack of confidence? How long have writing songs? Can you tell me your inspiration behind 'Jerusalem'? When I was a kid I was writing little raps for talent shows, but I started performing when I was 18 in coffee shops and that kind of thing and then when I was 22 that 's when my career started to blossom. Jerusalem inspired me because I wanted to write a song about that city. That was the place I really came into contact with this feeling of some ancient tradition that 's a part of me. Thinking of my grandparents you been Where do you see yourself doing in ten years? "A show is not just a show, it's a religious, spiritual setting and a place people will come to get that spark they need in their life. " To some extent, yes and to some extent, there is some objective reality that some things are the way they are and we can't pretend everything is good because there is real darkness out there. However, like they say there is a little bit of light makes all the darkness goes away. If you light a candle in a dark room and the boogyman disappears. and their grandparents and all the history, going all the way back to Abraham, Issac & Jacob and knowing that I come from this line of people who are focussed on trying to create light and love and a place for God in the world. I don't think of Jerusalem of a place, I think of it as a person. I think I'm just scratching the surface on what I'm capable of doing with my music. I'm not talking about my outreach to the world; I'm talking about personally. I've came a long way the last ten years, I think ten years down the road I think I will evolve to become a better performer, a better singer. When I say better, I don't mean that I will have more control, but I mean to mean what you say and do. That 's the struggle, as a musician to perform every single night and feel that it 's still meaningful to me. That 's the moments that really come alive. A show is not just a show, it 's a religious, spiritual setting and a place people will come to get that spark they need in their life. Do you have any inspirational words for the viewers and fans? Yeah it 's good to be back in London, I'm glad the record has come out over here and thanks you so much. What about to the people picking up a guitar and discovering your music? It 's inspiring for me to hear that, what can I say – enjoy! For more information check out: www.matisyahuworld. com

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