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TRAVEL 20 Issue 54 / 2013 Issue 54 / 2013 4 Reasons to Visit: Amsterdam Cycling In Amsterdam the cyclist has right of way almost all of the time, and by walking you will constantly put yourself in harms way as legions of cyclists surge along the city streets. Your best bet is to hire a bike to get around, and obviously you will cover more ground and get to see more of the city. The city is fascinating to look at and to wander around, whether relaxing by the canals or admiring the unique architecture lining the streets. There are many different rental shops where you can cheaply hire bikes for the duration of your stay at affordable prices. A word of warning, the bikes traditionally rode in Amsterdam are usually without brakes so it is best to exercise caution when cycling around. Vincent Van Gough Museum If you are after a more cultured visit then it is definitely worth heading to the Van Gough Museum which showcases the great majority of the late artist's catalogue. As you would expect of a museum dedicated to a single artist, each room details aspects of this life and traces his career back to his beginning as an artist allowing you to see the progression from his early and primitive work. Due to his unique use of paint and colour Van Gough's paintings are really worth seeing in the flesh as the people and landscapes of his fevered visions really come to life. The Canals The canals really make the City come alive, while the centre can be a little commercial and busy you can always follow the waters out to some quieter spots. There is something quite enchanting about wandering around the canals and it helps give the city a unique character. Great during the day, and even better during the night the picturesque scenery will be something that you will always remember and will enhance your visit. Legal Marijuana It almost goes without saying, but it's still worth saying anyway that Amsterdam is a smoke hound's heaven. Many holiday goers flock to Amsterdam to sample the legal hash cakes, over the counter herbs and chilled Coffee Shops. Weed is usually sold alongside another purchase, such as a [non alcoholic] drink or a cake. Smoking paraphernalia such as lighters and rolling equipment are often provided by the owners and some places are decked out with bongs and vaporisers, for the connoisseurs. Very occasionally you may come across a bar that serves alcohol and weed but as the laws have changed concerning these matters, the two are usually kept separate. More travel visit:

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