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HOUSE / TECHNO 25 7 Issue 54 / 2013 IEW RV TE IN Groove Armada Ahead of playing at one of biggest dance festivals this year, Creamfields we were lucky enough to speak to one of the legends in the scene. A well recognised name in the music industry, Groove Amada are hitting it big again and we cant wait to see what they whip up on stage soon! Tab | You are playing at the legendary Creamfields this year, are you looking forward to this one? Yeah it's gonna be ace. Are there any acts that you are looking to see? Too many to mention really, though Loco Dice will be a real standout for me. You guys met back in 1993, and I am sure words cannot describe your crazy journey since then, but if you could pick a few highlights what would they be? Headlining second stage in Glastonbury, our last album 'Black Light', setting up Lovebox… How has the Groove Armada sound developed over the years and where would you say you were at now with it? Totally it has. We started out almost as part of the 'chill out' scene, to do something different and over do it on white rum. Do you both like a good drink and what is your favourite? Yes yes. I do like an 'old fashioned' one but really not that fussy. it a hard decision or a natural progression to move on? Crikey there's a fair bit of politics in all this to be honest. We're very proud to have set it up, to have done 10 years at the helm, but there enough on the road to keep it flowing. You have worked with a nice and diverse array of musical talent like Mutya Buenna, Will Young and Jeru The Damaja. " Right now it's all about house music for us! " moved to a more live/band driven sound and right now it's all about house music for us. You were one of the first acts to break the mould of signing with a major label and secure a deal with Bacardi- Martini. Tell us why your choose to go down this certain path? Well we'd done a few albums with major labels, and there's good and bad with all that, so it was a chance 'Superstylin' is such a wicked track, where you surprised with the amount of love you received from this? Well it's a proper anthem and it's nice to do one of them. Were we surprised? Maybe a little bit. Lovebox has grown to become such a huge festival and you guys achieved so much with it all. How hard was it to cease your involvement with it, was wasn't quite the same buzz or love around it really, so it felt like the right time for us to go. How does the production work between you both as I am sure it has changed over the years together? It has. We used to be sat inches apart in the studio for months on end. These days Andy lives in France, and I'm in London so it's more of a remote vibe now, but it works, and we see each other Is there anyone else who you would love to work with? Feeling the up and coming vibe now, so been great to just do a track with Cari Golden and we'll be looking for a few more hook ups like that. There's a bloke called Jeremy Glenn he's got a classic voice. A while ago you provided some music for the Ray Man game. If you could be any computer game character from the past or present who would you be and why? Pac Man. You must have seen quite a lot of development in the electronic music scene in your lengthy career, what do you think the biggest change has been? The explosion of that whole US EDM thing has been a pretty fundamental shift. What is the most exciting thing you are looking forward to this year? Creamfields obviously. Thanks so much for chatting with us, we look forward to catching you at Creamfields Pleasure.

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