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30 HIP-HOP / RNB Issue 54 / 2013 EW VI ER INT tony touch With the release of Piece Maker 3: The Return Of The 50 MC's, we chopped it up with Brooklyn native, Tony Touch, to find out a little bit more about of one hip hop's most prominent DJ's, how he rounded up some of the features on his album, and his view on hip hop today. Hey how you doing? Alright hey buddy, how's it going? Ah man I'm good man, my week just took a turn for the up 'cause I'm talking to a hip hop legend. *laughs* Thank you man, thank you so much So Tony when you were coming up, who were the hottest djs that you were aspiring to be like ? Kid Capri, Mister Cee, most of the guys dj you know, Doo Wop, those guys that were doing it, Craig G and before that of course we had Louie Vega, Marley Marl… guys like that Ok so would that mean you describe yourself as the first generation of hip hop mixtape dj's ? Ahh yeah I guess I would say that you know. 1990's I started, like 1991 when hip hop was kind of a movement in the 80's How many mixtapes approximately have you put out in your career ? Ahh I would say somewhere in the mid 300's 300? Wow! And how many of them were reggaeton ? Only a few of them, I did Reggaetony One and (Reggaetony) Two on EMI and the Guatauba album in '96, and then maybe two or three mixtapes You've got a new album coming out, but since that it's been seven years since the last one, is that right ? Yeah Reggaetony 2 came out in Ok and is there anyone you haven't managed to get that exclusive from or anyone left that you still need to work with that you haven't ? Rakim Who's the latest artist to get you excited ? I like Action Bronson, Joell Ortiz, guys like that, I like the music Willie The Kid is putting out, he's on the album as well and he's got a project coming out with Alchemist you know. Ouch Yeah I've toured with him, you know we've got a pretty great relationship but the stars haven't lined up for us yet to record, but I'm sure that's gonna happen soon Ok do you think there's ever gonna be a rapper who comes along and kinda changes the game like a Pac or Biggie ? You know we got guys like Eminem, Jay Z that are still taking it to whole to put something like that together you know OSHI| @ 2006, so it's been seven years So you're not just reppin hip hop here you're taking on house music over there Yeah definitely I mean I have been a house head for a long time as well as a Reggae head you know, all of the above, so yeah I'm a big fan of house music and I thought the scene was lacking a little bit so I started a sunday night party here about five years ago and it's been "You know we got guys like Eminem, Jay Z that are still taking it to whole new levels" incredible since, man we've had the best of the best guys like Todd Terry, Louie Vega, Ferrier and all of the best guys. Nice, I mean that one of the things you've kinda always had is the hottest rappers around on your mixtapes, is that because you're friends or because you're the hottest dj's, what's happening there ? Yeah there's a lot, I dealt with a lot of folks I've already worked with through the years, the majority of the album is, you know MC's I worked with over a 15 year period. I worked with a few new artists as well but its all about maintaining relationships and things like that and staying relevant makes it easy It's a nice return to the old school, and what made you decide to have Action Bronson on the track ? He's one of the newer guys that's holding the torch for the guys who represent real hip hop, and we have the same friends, same associates so it made perfect sense. Ok I mean you've been around for all of hip hop man, what's your classic decade ? Like any era that was special, or a golden year or moment for you? Anything from like '85 to '95 were my favorite years 'cause of music and hip hop and stuff like that, it was pure it was like we were giving birth to a movement and everything came after that, and I was there and it was the birth of it all you know new levels. I mean they're living legends for real but I was thinking can you see anyone else on the horizon with that calibre ? It's too soon to tell, I mean you know there's a lot of artists I like now and I'll have to see where they end up in 10 years. I mean you gotta create your legacy and then it's a process. Some guys can do it for three, four or five years, but to do it for 12-15 years is more of a challenge so... Thats right, it's hard work to last as long as you right haha? Exactly *Laugh* Ok so what are you looking forward to most in your future Tony ? I got a project I'm executively producing for a female vocalist, her name is Soni WithanEye. We just released the first single with Raekwon from Wu Tang, the music's a combination of hip hop, rock, soul, funk and some house, and just my first full hand with a female vocalist's project, so you know I'm looking forward to getting her out there. Nice so you can make that Nicki Minaj money and take another seven years off Yeah I need that Nicki Mina money! *Laugh* I feel you playa, ok so if you could go back in time and change anything, is there anything you would change ? Hmm is there anything I would change? Erm naa I'd probably do it all again the same way, there's not much I'd change. I'm on the right path you know, I've kind of stuck to my guns. I'm in a great place you know but I wish a lot of the guys I've lost. Friends I've lost.....I wish they were still here, I wish there were ways to have dealt with the issues that they faced. You know with guys like Guru and Pun and you know I miss those guys you know. So when you coming to London Tony ? Man it's long overdue, I haven't been out there in over a year so I'm looking to visit some time in the fall, maybe do a nice promo for the album as well Nice! It's been a pleasure talking to you man. Follow @DJTonyTouch

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