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DRUM N BASS / DUBSTEP 35 7 IN TE RV IEW Issue 54 / 2013 Sub Focus Ahead of his set at Wireless festival we touch down with the big man himself to discuss life, love, his recent collaborations and the nature of his live set… Oh yes. Laura | So Hi, How are you? Hi very well thanks, good to be here. Good good, enjoying your day? Yeye big time, flew in from Ibiza this morning so pretty knackered. Always nice to play London, I'm from London... So I've noticed there in May you've released a new single with Alex called endorphins, it's a bit different from your norm, so how did you find that? I've just been working on some more song stuff for my new album that's coming out later this year. I guess I've been doing different tempo stuff for quite a while now. Like I did some house music and some dubstep on my first album, so it's just a progression from there really. And I like doing stuff that sounds different from my previous work and make sure I'm evolving and not stagnating. I really liked working with Alex, we literally recorded the song in a day, ye he's such a good singer so Big up to Alex! So what can we expect from your performance as we always find your evolving? Well the live show involves a lot of There's a lot of technical things that can go wrong, there's a lot of laptops and a graphics server that runs all the graphics for the lights show. So there's tons of technology all running at the same time, we have to do all these rehearsals to make sure it's error proof. I'm sure you'll be fine. You've done a lot of remixes with other which I might be playing tonight. Well we look forward to it. We also see that you have a residency with together at amnesia in Ibiza. How's that going? Amnesia is one of my favourite clubs so it's a super honour to be involved and be playing there. I remember going "I like doing stuff that sounds different from my previous work and make sure I'm evolving and not stagnating." lights and production; I've been heavily influenced by the kinds of shows that acts like daft punk used to do. Love all that stuff so it's very much like a totally electronic performance. I taking elements from my songs and remixing them live. So what kind of preparation goes into that, what would be the biggest challenge would you say? people, what would you say makes a good mix? Are there any favourites that you've done or any plans for the future? I've got a bunch of remixes for the next single, I can't talk about the single itself just yet unfortunately. Ye I love that whole process, I get to choose who gets involved with the remixes and I did a collaborative remix of endorphins with some other drum and bass producers, there like six or seven years ago and thinking I really wanted to play there and now I am, so it's awesome. Ye that unreal. So have you got any big plans for the summer, anything to look forward to? Ye my next single and my album should be coming out towards the end of the summer and early autumn. So watch out for that. Ye that's really it, so is there anything else you would like to tell the fans before you go or any other news you have coming your way? No that's the main thing, if you wanna catch me I'm doing my live show at a bunch of festivals this summer, so hopefully see you out there. Ye just one last thing, so if you were invisible for a day what would you get up to if you had a choice? I can't think of a good answer to that I'm afraid. Ok we're leave that one to the imagination. Thank you so much for talking with us, it's been a pleasure. Follow @ Subfocus

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