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REGGAE / 42 www.guestlist.netDANCE HALL Issue 54 / 2013 EW VI ER NT I Nyanda She's one of the most talented dancehall / RnB artists to come out of Jamaica. Gathering international acclaim along the way, she's been signed to Akon's Kon Live Music, written hits for Nicole Scherzinger, Christina Milian and Christina Aguilera , toured with Gwen Stefani and is now stepping out as a solo artist. Mr Wondah | How you doing sis'? Wow! what a big intro, I feel important. You have to give big intros to big artists. You did your research. Obviously you've got 'slippery when wet' that's the latest single that you've got out now, but you're also flooding the market with a lot of singles. You've got 'Assassins' and 'Bring them' that's coming out soon and 'Footprints' too. So yeah, right now is a very exciting time for you. Obviously we know you from the Brick and Lace days but now you're stepping out in the land as a solo artist, I mean isn't it a very exciting time for you right now? It is , it definitely is. I'm always having my stomach in knots because its so exciting for me and its like breaking away from being in the group. Everyone knows me as Brick and Lace, so when I set out to do this solo…I'm like, do I need this microphone? I was kinda all nervous, especially in the beginning, but once I'm in the studio and making the music I realise that this feels right. Going solo was definitely something that needed to happen at this point for me. To grow as an artist basically. Yeah, I just definitely needed to spread my wings. I needed to feel myself a little bit. What was the musical background to Brick and Lace? I mean when you girls were growing up, what were your influences? Was it a musical background? Are your parents musical? They are, my Dad actually plays the piano and the guitar and my Mum sings in the Church choir, so we definitely had so much music growing up. We used to watch TV shows. At the time in Jamaica we only used to have …inaudible…. we used to watch this show, 'Rags to Riches' which was about these orphan girls who grew up in this house and they used to sing and sweep the floor and sing and do their hair and sing and do everything, they always made up a song. So we just started to feel like we were those girls. We were we're like 'what do you think about this?' and they …...walk up to the sales pitch ?….inaudible….. you know what I mean, you have to sell it. But yeah we have fun writing together. Of course we clash sometimes, but we're best of friends. Right! Okay, so 'love is wicked' that's like the Brick and Lace signature tune, I mean even in France it tore up the place and in Africa too. The whole world gona tear up with that tune, so we cannot finish this interview without talking about Love is wicked, it would be a crime! The video was like in excess of twenty million views on Youtube! What was the creative history behind that track and what about the was like, put the DJ in it to kind of offset the sweetness of the melody. And you know that's how that song came about. It was based on a guy that I was with, and Nailah was also going through a similar situation. It's about the sweet side of love and the bitter side of love. Love is wicked, its good and its bad you know. I think everybody has that person at some point in their life, you don't have to end up with that person, it don't mean that's the love of your life, it could, but everybody knows who that person is. I've come to find out because of the stories that people tell us, you know what I mean? SO bad to di bone, that s another favourite, which is reflected by the 4.5 mil hits on Youtube. Can give me the creative vision "I'm always having my stomach in knots because it's so exciting for me." singing and doing the dishes, singing and doing homework [sings] 'Homework sucks' you know what I mean? We always just loved music, and in addition to that our parents exposed us to so many good albums and good artists. I think they taught us how to appreciate music and different genres of music not just reggae, but of course we grew up in Jamaica so of course its dancehall music, you know the dancehall artists, I don't need to name them. But I think that exposure and then the exposure to the dancehall, it mixed up the music naturally. It just happened, it wasn't something we set out to do. Theres four of you, so when two says its good and two say nah, whats the deciding vote? Do you then have to go to management? Exactly, we go to the producer and visually engaging video? Well that song, we wrote it very, very fast. It was one of those songs that just pour out of you. Whose idea was that one? I want to tell you it was everybody. It was me, Tasha and Nailah. We were living in Toronto at the time, and all of us had a piece. It started with the melody, I started to sing. I was singing 'Love is like rain' and Tasha came in and said I like the melody [sings] 'Love is like rain'. I was actually doing the dishes at time. This story I've never really told, she came in and was like 'why we don't say [sings] 'Your Love is wicked' instead' she said 'love is like rain' is too difficult, she was right! [laughs] and that was the start of it, cos you know we started with the melody line and then she behind that song as well? That one we did with Chris Birch, who was like our go to producer, at the time. For Brick and Lace, he was one of our favourite producers. We did three songs with Chris, we did one on a military riddim. We did swat, we did thriller ridim and a song called 'done it to me', our first ever music video, and then of course, Bad to di bone. We wanted to do a song for the male fans because we always do songs for the females so we wanted to do one to celebrate our sexy male fans and you know ,let them know we appreciate them too. The fans want to know cause they see you doing your solo ting and they see your sister doing her solo ting, is Brick and Lace still gonna come together and do another album at some point? Will you still be releasing singles? Can you clear it up for the fans right now? Brick and Lace fans will get another album from Brick and Lace. Dancehall artist or reggae artist? Oh my gosh, whats the business come to? You can't do that! Stay in ya lane, don't cross over! When I tell people I grew up in Jamaica or that I'm from Jamaica, I'm limited to only Dancehall and Reggae Music. Then I tell em in Jamaica we play everything. I grew up in Jamaica listening to you name it, The Manhattans, all of that kinda Earth Wind and Fire, dem tings. Reasons, you cant do the dance and not play reasons!. [Laughs] Reasons have to get played, y'undserstand? Trust me, we grew up with all of that kinda stuff over there so that's why I come over here and I appreciate all genres of music. What's your most memorable experience on stage? I think, Kinshasa. I have so many but Kinshasa was special you know, when they do this [heart symbol with hands] and it was like a love fest. It was like an energy that I could feel. You know me and the crowd, it was orgasmic. It was just like 'Take love, Take love' and everyone was like giving it back. It was a connection man, an indescribable connection for me. I just appreciate these things so much as an artist, that's what it's about, sharing. It was a really awesome experience in Kinshasa. That's cool. Thanks Nyanda. Follow @ NyandaBnL

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